Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just when you think things couldn't get any worse...

I've just had the most horrible, frustrating, hair-tearing, screaming-bloddy-murder week ever!! Till now I still want to scream bloody murder (SCREAMS IN FRUSTRATION).

Why can't Malaysia adopt US's stand that whenever it's the company's fault, at least pay a little compensation for the damage that's been caused. But NOOO... Malaysia's stance is to just apologize (with as little sincerity as possible) and hope you shove off and never mention this incident ever again. Well you picked the wrong person to mess with BITCH!

In a matter of 1 week my 2 computers have both exploded and fried by UIA due to their management system of complete ignorance of an oncoming problem until a tsunami of a problem hits them up their arses and send them into a panicked frenzy. How did UIA annihilate my computers? By letting me stay in a room that they knew had electrical problems but refuse to fix just because a former occupant was lazy to demand the room to be fixed. That and also the stupidity in thinking that UIA can never do any wrong, only the students. BULL-SHIT! My computers were working just fine and none of my electrical items were faulty. Still wanna blame it on me? Bring it on the? Check my stuff? I guarantee you that they're all A-OKAY. But what is most fucked up is the fact that they refuse to let me change rooms AND the fact that when the higher administration started to ask questions, they get all defensive and of course the blame would fall back on me. Seriously UIA sucks!!

And to think that I would learn to be careful around computers the next time round but no... I managed to actually pry off a letter from a laptop keyboard. And the funny thing is the laptop wasn't even mine. It was a loan from the place that I worked with coz they were sorry that I managed to get my computer blown to pieces! Call it bad luck? No, more like stupid dumbass carelessness. I mean what was I thinking? Be careful la wei!!

But still I feel that I need to stand up for myself though it's obvious that MOST of the blame is mine but it is not entirely my fault (denial is always good). I mean the computer won't just blow up by me plugging it in the socket now would it. Yes... that's what happened! I plugged the computer into the socket and BOOM! Smoke and fire came pouring out the back of the computer. Sob! Sob! My faithful little computer *sob* So for that incident I blame entirely to UIA. I mean why the hell was their voltage so high? Hello... most electrical items has a limit of 230V! But seriously, UIA needs to buck up! Where's the quality? You're supposed to be an international standard university!!

As for the second blow up... it was my new computer. *WAAAAA* That was entirely my fault. I was totally to blame. I was stupid and careless and I bear full responsibility (which cost me RM65). But still the incident was still because of the voltage. I was just stupid enough not to notice the Automatic voltage regulator turned off and went ahead and started the computer and to make a long story short... the power supply melted. Yeah... it actually sounded like ice-cream melting when put in a hot frying pan. The smoke smelled totally disgusting. Luckily this time the monitor (my new prized possesion- a 17" BenQ LCD monitor) did not blow up too. Hence my RM65 'melayang' just like that.

So whose fault is it? Mine and UIA's. For one UIA gave me a room which they knew was faulty in the first place. One of the socket wasn't working so I had to make do (ironing, boil water, recharge handphone, computer) all on one socket. See the probability of voltage overdose? Now you know why. Why they kept it a secret? Simple... all they wanted was MONEY!!

I've already lodged a complaint to the Quality Unit *nyahahaha* and you know what the college admin had the nerve to say? "How the hell did this reach the higher administration?" So... they wanted to keep it a secret. Hah! You're totally busted! (I feel like I've just uncovered a secret illegal organisation-Haha!) So anyhow that made them shake a little and my room change application was approved pronto. And it seems that they fixed up the socket during the weekend. People... people... people... if only you thought of this way earlier during the semester when I first lodged a complaint (I complained 3 times) and this whole messy incident wouldn't have happened. And you all would be blame free.

As for me... I have turned into this paranoid bitch everytime I have to use an electrical item in that room. I break out into a cold sweat and pray to god that nothing blows up. So far so good but I'm still paranoid. I'm definitely gonna change my room. I'm not crazy to actually stay in that room after all that has happened. I just hope they give me a room on the ground floor so I wouldnt have to lug all my stuff.

Oh yeah... u people might be wondering how the hell did I pry loose one of the letters of a laptop? Say thanks to Sardines the kitten. He literally wanted to chase the mouse on the screen and before I could stop him the letter E was off. After the whole computer incident the week before you can imagine the kind of reaction I had (totally berserk). Luckily it wasn't broken or anything. Just came off and by God's miracle I actually succeded in putting it back in all in one piece. phew!!

And to add icing to the cake... Maru actually got locked in my neighbour's room for 2 whole days. I went to the guard house 3 times and only managed to catch the guard at 10pm. I came back after the weekend at 2pm. What the hell were you guarding la? Even then he wouldn't let me open my neighbour's room although I know for a fact that the lady would definitely want me to release the poor cat. She's been stuck in there for 2 days. Imagine the MESS!! Who the hell is gonna clean it? Stupid guard. You know the irony, the next morning I managed to find another guard, female this time, and she immediately looked for a key and let the damn cat go. How simple was that?! Why lah you people need to make things so complicated? And afgter the whole incident has been told to my neighbour even she herself cursed the male guard. I mean come on!! That cat might've died.

I seriously think UIA is one of the best local uni in Malaysia but the attitude of the people here stinks. Big time. I don't think I can ever go through a week like this. I don't think I can handle all that stress. Aaarrrggghhh!!

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