Saturday, February 11, 2006


It's a widespread phenomenon. A guy chases after girl, guy gets the girl, then guy takes the girl for granted coz he already got the girl. Typical scenario that most guys are aware off and yet keeps repeating throughout the duration of his life. Not once does he learn that the girl's feelings matter just as much as his.

Why do most guys expect that the girl would wait on/for him so patiently just because she's his girlfriend. I mean come on she has a life too. A life that she has so willingly altered to accomodate the guy's feelings. So you don't like her to go out with other guys then dont give her a chance to do just that. Don't expect girls to obediently stay in their room, waiting for the boyfriend to call and jumping at his every beck and call. This is the 21st century, girls like that no longer exist! Our world do not just exist around our so-called 'better' half. I know that guys out there will probably label me as a feminist after reading this blog. You know what, SO WHAT! I don't care if I am a feminist. If that's what it takes to get women be respected more then a feminist I shall be.

I don't understand why guys can't treat women with a little more respect and patience despite our so-called weaknesses (emotional and unpredictable). I'm not one to say that women are the epitome of perfection... heck, we women are a complicated bunch that we dont even understand ourselves let alone each other. But then again realise that men too have weaknesses and we bear with it. So why take us for granted and treat us like we're not important. In relationships, the hardest is not when you're trying to get the girl but trying to KEEP the girl. *sigh*

I know all blame shouldn't go to men. Despite my earlier claim that women who jumps at men's every whim is extinct...that's not true. There'll always be woman like that. But that doesn't mean that all women are like that AND that kind of women is NOT the model in which all other women should look up to.

So please... don't insult our intelligence. We have brains and we know how to use it. Keep neglecting us womenfolk, don't be suprised to find yourself alone and miserable looking at a photo of your ex-wife who's having the time of her life with her friends, other liberated women who managed to escape the clutches of men who just didn't learn how to appreciate.

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