Thursday, August 04, 2005


Tomorrow is a big day for me. The DAY! Yeap finally going into surgery. Mum doesn't get it why I let this thing grew so big inside me before I actually told anyone. Well... it's simple really. I was scared.

I was scared that it was more than it seems. I was scared to go through all those tests and most of all I was scared that nobody would be there while I'm suffering. Though all those things were scarier in my head than in real life but a fraction of it still came through.

Found out several people not caring about my predicament and rather go on with their lives than care. These were the people I trusted and cared about. I guess true hardships do seperate friends from fakes. But there are those who truly care and for that I'm glad. At least I'm not alone.

All I ask is to get out of this okay. Friends... please pray for me.

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