Monday, May 09, 2005

Eyes aflame with Light! Turn your eyes on ME!

Never in my life have I ever stuffed myself till I threw up. God... what was I thinking? Why did I eat so much? I feel like a pig. Just a weekend at my aunt's place and all my resolutions of actually controlling my food intake and toning down my body flew out the window. Am I that weak?

Staying in this hellhole has at least one advantage. Here I get to control what I eat since I hafta pay for it. Yes I sound like Miss Scrooge but hey... rm10 nowadays dont go far anymore. It'll probably last you three days tops. Trust me I've been through the days of utter starvation when my mom decided to teach me a lesson and decided to let me starve for being too loose with money.

But back to the issue... My one and only weakness 'FOOD'. I dont know how to control it. I'm just glad that I'm worried enough as not to stuff myself silly with food. At least I'm vain enough to not want to be called Obese. Sometimes I look at those extreme obese cases on TV and I swear to myself to do something but somehow I always lose the battle. God! Help me! What am I supposed to do.

I hate today's world of superficiality. Why must beauty conquer all? Why is it put second next to intelligence? And WHY must FAT people be considered ugly?

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