Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dullness overcomes me...

I know I havent updated lately and trust me I've gotten several complaints about it too. So don't think that I've been let off easy about my not-so-sudden laziness to write. It's just that I want my blog to be an outlet of release where I write down my thoughts and views on certain aspect of life. I never want my blog to be nothing more than an online diary (though most people enjoy reading them-it's like a friend is willingly letting you read her diary.) So all I'm saying is that at the moment my life has been nothing but dull and monotonous.

I guess the only conflict in my life right now is what to do next and what is there to eat besides boring old UIA food. I've also found a way to fund myself through my postgrad years which would put me in further debt in say... the next 20 years. *sigh* Everything has a cost nowadays, next thing you know they'll be charging you for breathing.

So that's it... that's my pathetic life. Horrible aint it. I just wish that I had a dillema like Fynn to write about. Revenge to all the people that shunned me before in my life. It's nice but been there, done that. My sweet revenge has passed. I've proved my point. I'm not dumb! (so there you stupid MRSM snobs!) Besides I think I'm groen enough to let bygones be bygones :P

So basically the next three years of my life wont be any different than it is now. Boring...boring...boring. I just PRAY that someday I'll hit gold like Firdaus. Lucky guy... he already has a high paying job and the firm he works with is gonna fund his master's degree. AAArrRrRgGGGGhhhhh! Some people get all the luck while I'm here burdened by more and more debt.

I seriously think I should reconsider my study vs working options. *whimper*

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