Saturday, March 05, 2005

I never thought...

I never thought that someday I'd actually be doing... FILING. Probably the most tedious and cerewet job that you'd ever get. Imagine how much fun (read this with as much sarcasm as you could muster) I'm having sorting different sorts of papers into categories and putting them into files. It'll help a lot if the subjects on the paper weren't so ambigious so I could actually file them correctly. It's like filing a stone in either 'things that can hurt you' or 'hard object'. I salute to all secretaries everywhere who actually do this for a living. (SALUTE)

Quality Day today and I expect all classes after Friday prayers is cancelled. Always good news for us students if any class is cancelled. The idea that the semester is coming to an end is something that I really look forward to but EXAMS? No Way! Why must we have exams? Why? Why? Why? I hate exams.

My first exam is this coming Monday. Arabic speaking. Oh Boy! I wonder what kind of crap is actually gonna spill out of my mouth. I think I'm probably the worst student in the class but the Ustaz is too polite to actually say so. Please God, I really need you help for this. I need the POWER of ARABIC SPEECH! I just hope my roommates wont throttle me first with my arabic practices this weekend. It's either they throttle me to shut me up or die laughing at the bullshit thats spewing out of my mouth :P

Matt is headed back to Kedah at this vey moment. Hurmmpphh! Tapi... bagus juga. At least no distraction for me to practice Arabic. Waaa... this is gonna be a loooooooonnnnnnnggg weekend!!

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