Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Please Yourself

You can never please people, No matter how hard you try. It's always been a bad idea to please everybody so you're better off putting yourself first no matter what happens.No, you're not being selfish or greedy or opportunistic but merely trying to survive in this dog-eat-dog world. Coz in the end you can never totally win.Why am I being pessimistic? Why the negativity? Well... its neither of those things really. Just relaying the cold hard truth. Nothing but the facts.

Just when you think that everything is going along fine you'd get run over by incidents that you weren't aware of before. Things that you're supposed to know but due to cultural and psychological barriers it was kept from you. So in the end you're suffering. BIG TIME! The irony of it all is that the barriers were meant to protect you. Not hurt you. Just so you know, it hurt me. It hurt me A LOT!

BUt then, out of respect you try to please them thinking that it'll all be better in the end. But no... it just adds up to everything. Now the problem comes from YOU. You're the one changing things. You're the one that's making people talk and comment. You're the one that's wrong. Now when did that come about? Just because things aren't the same any more and people tend to comment about it so the cause of the problem is you? Someone enlighten me please!

'Every man is an island'. A statement that rings true. In the old days people stick together to survive the forces of nature. But now sticking together could mean the end of you. No wonder there's more hermits in the world than ever before. Being in solitude definitely has its perks. No commitments. Just you and the world. I no longer believe in the best friend system. There are only good friends and possibly close friends. Best friends to me are just myths that people make up to feel a sense of solidarity outside the circle of family and loved ones. The days of best friends have perished with the death of the last 'Sahabah'. They were best friends in the truest sense of the word. Show me a friend like one of the sahabah and I shall eat back all my words and that's a promise.

Though my resolve is made but there's this niggling doubt in my heart asking could it just be me? My way of thinking? Maybe I'm on a level that is not parallel to others. My ideals being different. Someone once mentioned that I'm like an old soul with a youth's mind and body.COuld that be the real cause of my heartache? Could that be the reason why I'm so misunderstood or misunderstand others in return?

Or is it because I have now left the 'comfort years' in my life? The years in which I can be carefree and everything is provided for me. Did reality come too soon?

These questions is constantly going on in my head. Answers that I can only obtain if I go directly to the source-the people that made me ponder all these things in the first place. But I know I probably won't be satisfied anyways. This problem is like a vicious ghost that'll just keep haunting you no matter what you do

So in the end I'm back to my first conclusion which is you can never plese anyone but yourself. If you try to please everybody you'll end up destroying yourself. If you wanna survive you just have to do what's best and what's best for you does not necessarily mean it's best for everybody. Those who can't accept this will just have to learn to cope with it.

"Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation. It is better be alone than in bad company."-George Washington

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