Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It's been awhile...

Woah it's been awhile since I last blogged. I wonder how Sheena and Alia still find the time to actually go online and blog what with all the exams and puasa time. Yeap... it's finally Ramadhan and thank GOD exams are finally over. Exams were quite a drag and I dont think I managed to score for even one paper. Comp app was definitely a flop. I'll be lucky even if I even managed to get a B. All others... yuck! Anyways... I don't wanna think about it but I pray to god to be merciful on me and maybe I can manage to scrape by and mantain my pointers (Please God... PLEASE!)

Bad news for me... my beloved phone has finally gone dead. After 3 years of serving me faithfully it finally gave up. So now I'm on a mission to get myself a new phone. I already have a budget so I just wanna see what phone is cool out there. Since I already have a digicam I don't think it's necessary to get me a cameraphone but I definitely want it to be colour screen. So far what catches my eyes are Samsung and Sony Ericson. Can't wait to go phone shopping!

Ramadahan is here and Puasa is definitely the best month of the year. I just feel like everyone is more patient(Duh!) and tolerant. Now why cant most everyone be like this during other times then for sure the world will be a much better place. This advice goes to me too coz the other day I got into a cat fight with an indon worker at Alpha Angle. We had a difference of opinion on a certain matter and I admit I was wrong but somehow ego and lack of patience just didnt let me admit I was wrong and so the catfight continues. My advantage then was that I was a girl and he was a guy so if he did anything he'd be the one to blame. Hehe! Thank God Matt was there. If not the guy would probably punch me. Anyways, the moral here is that patience would probably make me think first before I say anything that would land me into bigger trouble.

Oh yeah... don't mind the pic I was just testing out Hello the new picture sharing thing. It's pretty okay coz at least I dont hafta log in before the 3rd of every month if not my account will be terminated unlike miamihost. So that's a picture of Matt and I at Midsummer night's staging. I miss him terribly. But it's cool to have the hols coz at least this would give me time to really sort out my feelings for him. Let's just hope the saying 'Out of sight, out of mind' doesnt apply in both our cases here.

On a more funny note, a cupboard attacked me 2 nights ago and I managed to escape with a big scratch on my right eyelid, a red eye and scratches on the bridge of my nose. Seriously I look like a pirate. The funny thing was when it happened it hurt like hell but I just couldn't stop laughing. I thought it was hilarious that I actually managed to bang my head on a cupboard. Granted that it was pitch black but I should have been more careful. So now I have to live looking like a pirate for a while. Arr... shiver me timbers! Off to buka puasa then me matey... har... har... har...

P.S. There's this creepy Egyptian guy who's been stalking me and I'm seriously thinking of getting myself a bodyguard. He just doesn't get it when a girl is not interested. He's actually flown all the way from Egypt to meet up with me. At times like these I thank god that my phone is out of order so he can't call me up. Now that's another mystery itself how the heck did he get my phone number? I know I didn't give it to him. Hmm...

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