Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Homemaker extraordinaire!

I feel like a total homemaker today. I made like several batches of choc chip cookies for raya as well as for my daily consumption(They're so YUMMY!) and also made my famous macaroni soupfor berbuka. Tehee! I'm so proud of myself. What's so good about raya is that this is the time when we get to eat all the good stuff that we reserve for special occasions. It's like a reward for holding out the whole day. Last night Yuni made her famous roast steak complete with mash potatoes and gravy. Too bad my brother aint here. If he knew how good the food we're having every day he'll probably kill himself :P

I dunno why suddenly my blogskin is having prob so I've decided to change the pic. I hope the original designer doesn't throw a fit or something. Her skin is way cool and I hate to lose the pic but something is up so a blogger gotta do what a blogger gotta do. So I hope people like the new look.

Neways boredom has already started to settle in and I'm desperate for something fun to do. There's nothing much you can do actually that doesn't involve foodstuff. Even going to the movies won't be the same when you can't have popcorn to enjoy the movie with.*sigh* Just goes to show how much your life evolves around food and eating. Even updating blogs won't be as much fun if you don't have much to write about.

Someone... please help me figure out what to do this hols?!!

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