Saturday, October 30, 2004

Another side of the rich brats.

Like Nina last Thursday I watched the program "The Simple Life" which features Paris Hilton, heiress of the Hilton Hotels empire, and her best friend Nicole Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie. They're shipped off to a remote farm town, stripped of their cellphones and money and are forced to work. At first I thought this program would be hilarious(still is). Imagine two rich brats trying to work at a farm. I've never liked Paris Hilton and thinks that she looks like a skank. I've always wondered why GUESS would actually take her on as a model. I just can't see where her beauty lies. She's so shallow! All kids born with a proverbial silver spoon are.

But after watching the show I've realised that somehow I was also the shallow one. All these while I've only judged Paris Hilton through the pictures that I see and through the stories that the media feed us. In a way the show shows the world her personality. What I saw was a little girl stuck in a woman's body always craving attention. Granted that she has been pampered like mad and there were moments when vanity and rich kid syndrome took over but overall she seemed okay. She was polite, she does as she's told and she really cares about her mom and about the feelings of those who were hosting her. Even Nicole was polite. I guess it's not their fault that they had soooo much money at their disposal.

But the show is cool and at least those two would feel how it is to really work. Yeah they may be working now as a model or as a singer or whatever it is they do but cold hard labour would do them some good. Thank God that they're sporting enough to go along with what the producer had in store for them.

The other show "Young, rich and loaded" was just too tasteless to watch. If you guys say Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie was spoiled I don't know what you can call these guys. They're so aimless and life and their main purpose of living is to finish off all the money their parents earned. There's this scene in themovie 'White Chicks' where the bad guy finally tells his family that they're bankrupt but because they're so used to living grandly that he had to resort to kidnapping rich kids for ransom. Just goes to show that too much of a good thing is never good. Anyways, I just hope my kids wont be like that when I become a millionaire:P


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