Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hi... I'm yadayada! Vote for ME!

Campus elections are back again and I'm sure that it's back with a vengeance. As usual we'd see the usual parties competing for control of the campus and as usual the same party would win. This time two of my close pals are candidates. I don't know who they really represent but as far as I can see both of them are running out for reasons other than political power in mind so I'm cool with it. One is going for the heck of it, you know... for experience and winning is considered a bonus but the other I think is quite serious. Then again this guy is always pretty serious. Still I dont doubt his credentials. Well I only hope the best for the both of them. I'm not actually into politics especially campus politics so basically I couldn't care less but since my best friend is running so I guess I have to at least help out in her campaign. All I ask from both of them is that not to get caught up with the politics of it all coz in the end its the students, the people that must be taken into consideration. All I can see right now is that these people are running so that the other party wont win. They don't want the opposing party to be in control. If that's the top and foremost agenda then where does the students' welfare come in? Does that come second?

Campus politics are used by politically inclined people to test out their skills and hopefully groom themselves in the future for outside politics. It's a good platform and I think its the best way for them to try out politics but what I hate about it is that why must the obsession of real politics, the angst, the petty bickering must also be brought in? It's a big turnoff for majority of the students who in the ends up choosing their leaders based on looks. (I should know coz I've done it before:P)

All I can say to these people who actually ran is that have you made a difference ever since you got into office? And if you think that you have do you think that it's enough? I must say that the chosen candidate for HS constituency last year certainly didn't do much. Nobody actually knew who she was. So HS stays the same year in year out. A pity for the most happening spot on campus.

Monday would be the day that would start it all... the campaigning, the 'pancing undi', the poster war. It'll also be the day for me to nominate my best friend for the HS constituency post. It'll be the day where we'll see who are our real friends who would stick by you despite diferrent opinions and it'll be the day where you finally see your real enemies. Those who might just stab you in the back. I've seen them before when Sheena was running but I hope to god that I dont have to see those kind of people again this year. I hope that Adeq will go through all this without a hitch. She's already stressed enough as it is.

So to finish off all I have to say is... Vote for Adeq (HS conctituency) and SaO (General Malaysian Male). Hehe!

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