Saturday, September 11, 2004

Easier said than done... (part II)

As I said before its always easier dishing orders and advice but its never easy to actually follow them through and once again I have proved how right that is when I embarassed myself in front of Matt. It was definitely embarassing because I was the one who told him I dont wanna do certain things because it was against my principles and bla... bla... bla when in the end he was the one stopping me from doing something that I might regret later. He's so sweet. (uh-oh getting to my mushy mode again) Anyways I am seriously indebted to him for doing that but somehow disappointment is there. It would've been nice to play the bad girl once in a while.

Just goes to show how much I think I know myself but in the end I proved myself wrong. Well life is a neverending process of learning and I've learned a little more about myself that night that I probably wouldn't have learned otherwise. It's also interesting to see what others would teach you in different situations and circumstances and in the end what comes out of it.

My experience with Matt has somehow strengthened what I already feel towards him. (N0... I'm not in my mushy mode again!) Made me feel safer when I'm with him and made me respect him a whole lot more. Even without the help of my guardians who did a splendid job of confusing me even further he has proved himself to be the perfect gentleman. For me that experience have made us closer in a way that only experience and time could have done and for that I'm glad.

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