Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This is ME...

i am not: tall

i am hurt: when those I count on abandon me

i love: my friends, my family, my life

i hate: failing

i fear: being alone

i hope: that I'll meet that someONE

i crave: for attention and success..!!

i regret: when i didn't try my best

i cry: when im hurt and feel helpless

i care: for my friends,family and all animals

i always: let my mouth say things that I didn't mean to say

i long: for my soulmate

i feel alone: when im around ppl i cant relate to

i listen: to my gut, my mom, and God

i hide: my weaknesses and my fears

i sing: when nobody's around

i dance: when I really have to

i write: to make me feel better

i breathe: because to life is too beautiful to actually stop breathing

i miss: being together with someone

i search: for the true meanin of 2
actually live life as i expect it to be

i learn: so i'd get the most out of life

i feel: lonely at times but grateful that life has given me much

i know: I've much to improve

i wonder: if I ever find that someONE

i say: that if you've tried your best and no matter what you achieve you're already a success

i succeed: in being ME...

i fail: to be other people

i wish: i'm more positive

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