Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A dream

I had a dream but not the courage to fulfil it
It was a dream but I didn't try to realise it
I was a coward
Afraid of what others may say
I was a coward
The fear of failure in my way
But... I wanted that dream
And that wanting never really went away
It became even stronger
When I gained the strength to make it stay
Strength gathered from people closest to me
Confidence gained through people around me
And soon enough my dream looks so much closer to me

My dream came to a point that seems far barely out of reach
If I could reach it my life would be a little more complete
It is where I wish to be
Living out my dreams
But what i didn't see was how lonely some dreams can be
I find myself alone
With no one that I could hold on
I'm afaraid to reach
To go forward for my dreams
What should I do?
What shall my action be?
So I stand here waiting... deliberating
Konwing that my dreams would never come to me.

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