Friday, November 21, 2008

KL's Latest Newcomers

Let's welcome these newcomers in town!! Woohoo!!

Finally more affordable makeup choices for all makeup aficianados in Malaysia. Make way for Rimmel and Majolica Majorca, now available at selected Watsons outlet all over the country. For those who have been hankering after Shiseido products and held back after seeing the price tags then hold back no more! Majolica Majorca is a low-end sub brand under Shiseido. First launched in Japan and now it has found its way all the way to our shores.

Why you'd like the products?
  1. The cases are really cute!
  2. They're quality product
  3. They're affordable!
I have personally tried their mascara and its superb. But word of caution for those who are not into waterproof mascara. When these people say waterproof, they mean waterproof. Other waterproof mascaras would usually come off if I washed my face with facial wash but this one must be taken off with a makeup remover. So good news for those major party-goers who needs their mascara to stay put throughout the night.

I've yet to try out their other products but you betcha that I'm gonna do so in the future. Here's the price list for some of their stuff.

Lash Bone Mascara Base - RM45.90
Lash Enamel Glamour Neo - RM45.90
Majolook Trick On Eyeshadow palette - RM53.90
Majolook (Luminoustic) palette - RM49.90
Neo Automatic Liner - RM42.90
Jeweling Pencil - RM26.90
Rouge Majex - RM33.90
Honey Pump Gloss - RM17.90
Shadow Customize - RM20.90
Frozen Splash Eyes - RM29.90
Cheek Customize - RM29.90 Customize Case (for eyeshadows or cheek) - RM20.90
Skin Remaker Foundation refill - RM55.90 Case - RM24.90
Skin Lingerie (OD Control) makeup base - RM39.90
Pressed Fantasia 24H Face Powder refill - RM35.90 case - RM24.90

Just one snag about this brand... for some products, I really hate the fact that we have to pay seperately for the makeup casing. For example powder foundation, most people wouldn't really mind forking out RM55.90 but only if it comes with the casing. I'm sure most people would definitely think twice to pay RM80.80 for the powder foundation. Coz if it were me, I might as well save up another RM20 or so and get myself a MAC.

Rimmel is definitely another cool brand that has just reached our shores. Hailing all the way from London, this brand is offering us Malaysians with a variety of cool, hard edged affordable cosmetics. With Kate Moss as the brand's ambassador, the makeup displays which can be found in most Watson outlets is definitely eye-catching.

With all the makeup stuff that I've been purchasing lately, I have yet to try out anything from Rimmels in particular but a good friend of mine is raving about their pencil liner and lipgloss. So until I've personally tried out their stuff, I'm not say much about it. But one thing that delights me for sure though, ITS CHEAP!!

Okay this brand may not fall into the same category as the first two brands mentioned, it being more in the high-end category but hey a newcomer is still a newcomer. This newcomer is actually a local brand but gathers its items from various sources all over the world mainly Italy and Germany.

I was enthralled by their magazine ad so I decided to check out their new outlet in Midvalley. Simply put I was stunned by how cool the whole place looked. I've always been a sucker for black decor so yeah the store alone had me hooked. But still... my biasness for black decor put aside, the products itself were really good.

I decided to play around with their powders and lipglosses and was quite impressed. However, playing around with them does not equate to true testing so one of these days I'm gonna get me one of their products and truly see if they're not just all hype.

So here they are, the new girls in town. I'm betting there'll be more newcomers in the future (Sephora perhaps *fingers crossed*) but for now these gals are the talk of the town .Don't hesitate to check them out and do let me know how you like them. Ciao!

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