Monday, November 24, 2008

Islam and Its Oddities

What a week! Who'd knew that one day I'd wake up to a day where a harmless exercise regime is considered harmful to a Muslim's aqidah and one of the world's most renowned alleged pedophile embraces Islam. What in the world will happen next?

So yeah... Yoga is banned in Malaysia. Why? Simply because the National Fatwa Council claims that Yoga has elements of Hinduism and prolonged practice will corrupt Muslim spirituality. Say whaaat??!!

Of all the moral problems going rampant in today's society, this is what the fatwa council were debating about? Talk about misplaced priorities. What happened to the issues of rempits, drugs, free sex and all the whatnots? They're more worried about an exercise regime?

You know why non-Muslims tend to view Islam and Muslims with wariness and caution? It's because of situations like this. Some Muslims' minds are getting more and more narrow minded that they fail to see the benefits that they can glean from certain practices that other religions and societies introduced.

Why are the National Fatwa council treating Malay Muslims like they're mindless drones that have no mind whatsoever? Why is it that they feel the need to control the behaviours of people? Sure Yoga originated from Hinduism as a practice to attain inner peace, however in the modern context people do not practice yoga for religious purposes any longer. It is a tried and tested practice designed to promote health and well-being to its practitioners. Now I'm no expert on Islam but doesn't Islam promote the adaptation of certain knowledge if it brings benefits to the ummah. Wouldn't Islam want followers who are healthy and not buzzed out on stress?

So many why's yet we're not given much when it comes to answers.

Next on our bizzare happenings of the week is Wacko Jacko converting to Islam. Although this rumour is still not 100% confirmed, lets just sat that it is. Now as a Muslim, any newcomer in Islam is supposed to be welcomed with open arms. And as happy as I am that the King of Pop has finally found hidayah and has decided to embrace Islam, one just can't help but feel a little skeptical on this move. And those open arms are probably not opened as wide as they should be.

Why the skepticism when all Muslims should be joyous on finally bringing about a high profile figure into its embrace? Well... maybe because this high-profile character has so much bad rep that not only it wont bring Islam into a better light but these people now have more ammo to make fun of the religion. Try googling "Michael Jackson converts to Islam" and you'll know what I mean. One person actually preferred Islam to be associated with terrorism rather than see Islam ridiculed and humiliated with all the Jacko jokes.

But to put a positive light into the dubious matter, perhaps Jacko has really seen the light and is now embarking upon the right path. Perhaps with his conversion, Jacko will change his ways and no longer be "Wacko Jacko". I guess only time will tell now.


Anonymous said...

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JoE said...

yoga in hindu (copy n paste)

"aku kalo nak komen dlm byk perspektif takdela aku reti...tapi mcm nila..Yoga ni adalah salah satu dari Astika [philosophical schools dlm Hinduism - Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Samkhya, Yoga, Purva Mimamsa dan Vedanta] yang menjadi penentu seseorg itu menerima Vedas sebagai kitab wahyu yang terulung....Astika boleh gak kite fahami sebagai theist...dan lwn kpd Astika ialah Nastika [non-theist,atheist]...

Antara kitab hindu yg membincangkan psl yoga ialah Shiva Samhita [kalo kite tgk patung Shiva sering duduk dlm keadaan meditasi yoga (postur Padmasana) ]

So..pokok pangkalnye...Yoga ni mmg salah satu cbg dari Hindu philosophy...cume dari segi praktis diorg aku tak bape jelas...sebab byk gak cbgnye...dan detail psl parktis diorg pun aku tak pernah tgk..."

jojo said...

the reason Yoga has been banned is because some of the poses (if not all) are meant for puja. When you say "oommm", that's another way of puja. Besides, if one does ones solat properly mengikut sunnah, there is more than enough exercise in there. Study the movements in solat & you will see that it is plenty hard if done properly & helps with toning & muscle development.
So why practice Yoga when we have solat? And even if the fatwa is wrong, do you really want to chance it?


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