Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bye Bye Mama...

9.45 pm

She steps forward bravely. I watched from afar, worried by how small and frail she looked. The urge to run forward and protect her enveloped my entire being.

But God was kind. He protects those who are worthy. And she was. With every step she took, help seems to come her way. Heavy burdens lifted. Her path lay before her free of any obstacles.

She turns and smile sweetly. The smile calmed me in a way that no words ever could. I smiled back. With that smile I told her that all will be well. That we'll all be waiting for her return. With that she turns and disappeared amidst the calming whiteness.

10.00 pm

God was indeed kind that night. With every drop of the rain, no one felt the discomfort of pressing bodies. Gone were the heat of the afternoon sun. But the droplets of rain carried a different blessing for me. A blessing that was very much needed.

I turned to the skies and let the cold wetness wash away all traces of fear. The fear that the smile I just saw could perhaps be the last one she would ever give me.

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