Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blog Revisited

4 months. My best record yet for leaving this blog unattended. Not that I had nothing to say. Nor has my thoughts been in the least bit coherent.

My only excuse is that the internet, as distracting and as addictive as it has always been, has offered new outlets of expression that really fits well with my busy (yeah right) lifestyle and lazy personality. I discovered Tumblr. Blogging made easy. Follow a whole bunch of people and *click*, you just reblogged a whole bunch of entries.

So if you're curious on what stuffs I reblog, check out my super simple Tumblr:

Expect nothing. Pure thoughts put down on paper cyberspace. Plus, I need a Tumblr geek to help me figure out the inner workings of the site. I may be too dumb for Tumblr.

Follow if you like. I'm one follower shy of a full 30. Damn, I'm popular *kills self*.

Peace out!

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