Friday, December 31, 2010

Berry, Berries everywhere!

So ever since friends has noticed that my (crappy) phone was coming to the end of its life cycle, they've constantly urged me to start getting smart. In other words, get a smartphone. And so on the last day of 2010, not only did I bid goodbye to another year, I also bade farewell to my CSL which has begrudgingly stayed alive in order to see me off to another phase of handheld technology. And then it gratefully died.

So now, for me its... berries, berries, I take my BLACKBERRY EVERYWHERE :)

This latest gadget that has successfully made me feel OLD and very STUPID beyond all measure. This smartphone is definitely smarter than I am. After 24 hours of fidgeting with it I still have no clue on how to fully utilise at least one of its functions. But whatever, at least now I don't feel/ look so inferior compared to my students who are mostly using Iphones and phones that can probably shoot lasers and turn into jet packs. Yes, I am shallow like that.

So since I have now jumped unto the Blackberry bandwagon, any friends and bloggers who'd love to harass chat with me just email me for my BB pin. Lets chat FOC the night away :D

Now back to figuring out how this BB works. *fidgetfidgetfidget*

Peace out!

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