Sunday, March 14, 2010

Biol punya orang. Tak reti bawak kereta ke? *tunjuk jari tengah*

The title does not in any way refer to me at all. In fact it refers to the moron who thinks that just because my car is smaller than his, therefore he has the right to act like a jerk and give out rude gestures.

You'd think that I'd got this response because I was driving slow on the fast lane or endangering other drivers by driving recklessly or something. But no, I got this "charming" epithet all because I cut him off when I entered the middle lane. Did I nearly ram into his car? Heck no! He was miles behind me. Did I signal? Of course.

So what did I do wrong? I was driving slower than he was.

Seriously, I don't get dudes with heavily modified cars who has this need to speed whenever they drive. But whatever lah, if you wanna speed like a mad person then go ahead because its your bloody fuel that you're burning. Tak kacau duit aku pun. But what I truly don't get is that they need to speed even though they're not on the fast lane and they bully others who are in their way. Now I'd totally understand if I was blocking you in the fast lane, but this is the middle lane I'm talking about. Is driving at 90 km/h in the middle lane wrong nowadays? And what's the point of speeding on KL roads anyways when cars are bumper-to-bumper nearly all the time.

And also what's with all the bullying? What results will it achieve by 'menghimpit' another person's car? If you bump my car won't it leave scratches on both our cars? Or have you somehow magically developed an invisible force field around your car? Nak letak force field around your car? Takat bawak wira je baik tak payah la brader.

Sumpah, if I was Superman I'll pick up that dude's car and hurl it with all my strength. Dah nak speed sangat. Hah, amik kau!

Being a girl driver in KL is challenging enough but to be bullied even further just because I drive a smaller car is simply heinous. Do realise that no matter how big of a car you have if you langgar pokok, remuk jugak. If habis minyak, stranded jugak. If every individual is judged solely on the basis o0f car size then might as well people start driving the monster trucks. Better yet, the army tank. Nobody will mess with you then.

I vow someday my little viva will be equipped like this. Berani ko nak buli?


Aidi-Safuan said...

huhu...road bullies tuh memang ade jer kat mane2. macam2 hal lagi diorang buat sebenarnyer. risau gak kalau drive. hurm..

ParkAir said...

heee lama x update blog, ingtkan dah pencen ;)

kat kl mmg ramai lunatic driver. kesian penunggang motosikal berhemah macam aku..

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

ParkAir: Oh tidak... saya tidak akan pencen dari blogging. Sekadar mengambil masa untuk mencari ide-ide blog hebat buat bacaan follower. Hehe

Sebenarnya alkisah entri ni dah banyak diedit. Kalau ditulis secara spontan dan tiada tapisan, nanti kene block pulak my blog ni. Tapi kesimpulannya mamat keta wira tu memang suka cari pasal. Nasib baik saya pun pemandu berhemah macam ParkAir :P

ParkAir said...

yeah wira tu berlagak nak jadi evo, nak beli x mampu hehe..

caterina_912 said...

I've experienced the same problem countless time.. Some people just can't accept the fact that small cars can be as fast as the big ones.. But it depends on who's driving, of course! And the funny thing is some male drivers can't handle women drivers who has the need for speed.. Pfft!

/ (^_^) \ ... said...

oh sy sgt faham perasaan bile "dibuli" oleh kereta lebih besar:( dulu sy bwk kelisa, kt highway PLUS tu pun diorg nk tunjuk samseng kt sy, k.shan..pdhal ade tiga lane..boleh jer diorg dok lane 3. tp tak..nak jugak mganggu kete kecik yg berade di lane 1 atau 2..huhu. tak faham. diorg ni dengki kot kt org yg kete CHOMEL!:)

Silent Scribbler said...

Betul lah shan... keji betul. ignore je. orang macam ni patut kene tarik license dia. road bully!!! i pernah kene kejar dari bandar utama sampai ke gombak; bila i slow down and kasi laluan dia tak nak plak cut. ni dok tailgating for nearly half and hour. bodoh!


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