Saturday, October 10, 2009

Green Penguin Attack

I finally graduated... again.

After all the dilly-dallying, procrastinating, brainstorming, computer exploding and hours after hours of stressing in front of the computer I finally got my Masters. And so did Sao, and Kak Umi and other IIUM graduates who made it for the green penguins (you'll understand why I'm saying 'green penguins' later) march up the CAC stage. Heck I'm so proud of myself (and of course the others) for actually making it this far. Who knew eh?

Major thanks and groveling has to go to Prof. Q for "guilt"-ing me into finishing up and of course to my dear Mama for actually paying for it all. Seriously, if it aint for these two people I'm sure I'd be off dilly-dallying elsewhere doing God knows what.

So yeah, here's me in the new and improved green penguin suit. Major improvements has been done to the robe, so instead of looking like a linebacker for a pro-American football team you now merely look like green penguins with hoodies (do you get the picture now?). No 1 much appreciated improvement would be the loss of the hideous IIUM logo band for the girl's scarves. whoever came up with that idea in the first place must've had a screw loose in his brains. But too bad the brothers dont wear songkoks anymore. They all looked dashing with the songkok on.


Yes, that is a snake on my shoulder. Me, being my usual poyo self just had to have an unusual poyo convo pic. So my uncle's pet snake was the victim for my poyo-ness. Thank god I have an affinity with snakes. Either that or the 3 fat rats he consumed before the shoot. Whatever it is, I'm just grateful that he didn't choke me for disturbing his slumber.

So now I am so over the whole mortarboard business. It's time that I get myself my very own unfashionable squishy hat so that next time I can pose as one of the queen's beefeaters :P

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Sarah B. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


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