Monday, October 19, 2009


*please click on image to enlarge and do this post "justice". Better yet, check out the blogpage:

Don't you just feel like putting a bullet through your head after looking at that? Seriously people, what is up with this moronic, retard way of writing?

It is NOT cool. I repeat: IT IS NOT COOL!!

I pity Big Bang for having fans like this one.


zuliana_me said...

Gosh! hey, he didn't speak English la.. he wrote in German (rehlizzed) + Tamil (paypah= padaayapaah).

I don't even care to understand what he was complaining about. Call him a genius & me lack of right brain abilities. I dun care.

It is forgiven if he wanna use his moronic code for a secret language. but so not on other people's blog plz...

zuliana_me said...

GOSH! I've just checked the blog out..IT IS HIS BLOG... & it absolutely doesn't make things any better...

Thx for enlightening me. Nice post ;p

Sarah B. said...

...seriously gave me a headache.

chuck said...

She/he is a singaporean. naib baik bukan Malaysian, kalau tak aku dah hunt dier Shan. You know the idiot event comment like this in other people's LJ !. Seriously like WTF!

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

Chuck: hehe if you do decide to hunt this she-male down, I'll totally join you. And credits to you for making me aware of this atrocious blog. I had a fun time trying to decipher what the heck she/he was writing. This person must have reaaaallllyyy high self-esteem to write like this in other people's LJ and not think that people will label her as stupid or something.

Zuliana: Hehe thank. And you dont lack right brain abilities, the she-male lacks ALL brain abilities. I just wonder if that person actually talks like that in real life. It'll be interesting to hear people talk that way coz from the blogposts there's hardly any fullstops :P

Sarah: Hope you didn't get too much of a headache :P

Zafirah said...

Ya Allah.

Zeti Zainal said...


OMG I couldn't understand a single word. But of course I can get the jeez of the whole thing


I just don't understand why these people can really go all out to write like this. It's sickening and annoying.

I bet GD, TaeYang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri can write better than this.

Aaahh sangat marah.

Chuck, aku nak join jugak hunt manusia nie.


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