Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't you copy me!

Remember this ad? It was probably one of the most touching raya ads in 2007. Now take a look at this Greek short film:

So who copied who? Hmm...

Now I know that the issue of copyright is such a "sensitive" issue right now and me being a Malaysian and all should just join the picket line and shout 'the Pendet dance is ours!', but heck what's life without a little fire eh? Let's all be a "firestarter" and go 'Ooh... seems like Malaysia tiru idea orang lain'.

But in all fairness both advertisement and short film came out in 2007. So there may be a possibility that they were just working on the same idea/ concept. So whether Petronas copied this short film or vice versa, seriously who cares? Let's not get our knickers in a twist over something that doesn't even make any major impact in our lives. Whether the idea belongs to Malaysians or to the Greeks, there'll still be people starving in the world, or people dying of uncureable diseases. So let's concentrate our efforts on that, shall we?


zuliana_me said...

If I'm not mistaken, the story was taken from 'cerita rakyat'. tp x ingat la rakyat mana...

Jadi, ramai org sebenarnye yang amik citer tu.

Narcoleptic Insomniac said...

ooo ye ke. I knew Malaysia tak tiru sesapa. But those people on Youtube sumer sibuk kata Malaysia tiru Westerners. Silap haribulan gaduh lagi pasal copyright.

Anyways, thanks for the info :)

zuliana_me said...

Yea, kadang2 org tak check betul2. Dulu penah gak tgk 1 iklan tu kat youtube.
Ramai mat saleh yg comment masa tu, tak de pulak marah ciplak ke ape. Siap puji iklan malaysia lagi.
Sbb ade good moral value.

lizz said...

omputih xtgk lagi cite si tanggang malaysia..sure diorang cilok wat iklan diorang agk nnti. kehkehkeh


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