Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yuna - local IT indie girl

I have just discovered Malaysia's local 'it' indie scene girl. Yuna, an amazing singer/ song writer. Totally reminiscent of Fiona Apple, Rachael Yamagata and Alanis Morissette.

Yeah, I know am lightyears 'ketinggalan zaman' but I have never been much of a follower of the local indie scene. Aside from the usual indie-gone-mainstream kinda bands like Meet Uncle Hussain and Hujan, I'm totally clueless on who's who in the Malaysian indie music scene. Not that I don't appreciate the indie scene but Malaysian iindie music before this were the type that made my ears itch and my skin crawl. For a person who appreciates lyrics those kind of bands were the bane of my existence. Then came the bands who were heavily influenced by the Indonesian indie music scene. Whew! My ears now rest easy.

So when I suddenly discovered Yuna, totally by chance ( I was actually surfing for online shops :P), I was totally blown away. She plays the type of music that I liked. That I listened to. That I enjoyed. It was totally a dream come true. Not only she has a great voice, her lyrics are superb! And the best part part was the fact that her pronunciation for English songs was perfect! I can never stand local performers butchering an English song through their pathetic pronunciation. I just can't help myself. I am an English language major after all.

Here's Yuna performing my favourite song, Deeper Conversation. Check out her other songs: Rocket, Dan Sebenarnya, Missing a Star, Polaroid etc. Her EP is already out but only sold at various stores around KL.

  1. THE SUPERSUNDAY Concept store. How to go there?
  2. Wondermilk. 41 Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama (same row as TM Point and IACT college)
  3. The Dolls Store. 87 Basement , Jln Bulan, Bkt Bintang , Kuala Lumpur (in front of Metrojaya, BB Plaza)
Yuna usually sells her EP album at her show venues as well. So if you want to check her out here are her upcoming performance dates:

February, 20 2009 08:00 PM -
Festival Tunku Bahiyah
Kompleks Perdanasiswa, Universiti Malaya
Petaling Jaya

March, 7 2009 03:00 PM
Graphic Day
UiTM Lendu

March, 15 2009 08:00 PM
Mosaic Music Festival: Nokia Music Station (Indie Air)
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

So anyways I'm just glad that I finally found a local artist worth supporting. Won't even mind becoming her groupie XP For those living round Gombak area and wishes to purchase her EP, Good News!! A supplier is more than happy to help you. Contact this lovely lady and she'll hook you up. Remember.. buy original. Support the local music scene. Go Yuna!

Supplier: Zaina Wardah
Tel. No: 012 3401545


fynn jamal said...

ni betul2 lightyear punya jauh ketinggalan ni.

but heck.
yuna pun timeless.

so tak perlu rasa left out.
(will tell her she gained another one groupie. and this means a lot, cause U ARE NOT THE TYPE YG SENANG MINAT MALAY ARTIST.)

credit to her definitely.

ps: have tried listening to koko kaina? pls do. u'll love her. she's malaysian too.


LiShAzNiA said...

Wakakaka!! I mengaku, when it comes to local indie artists I memang OUT! Dah la TV tak tgk, majalah tak baca, totally katak bawah tempurung la beb when it comes to this thing.

But dang this Yuna girl totally caught my attention. She is amazing. And I would gladly be another one of her die-hard fans.

And will definitely check out Koko Kaina too. So if I ever go to these indie scenes thing takde la terasa cam dungu sangat. kuikuikui

BTW, when I was checking out Yuna on Youtube I saw you in one of the videos. Hehehe

monday173 said...

Kami di nusaibah blok F ada menyediakan perkhidmatan menjual and penghantaran album Yunalis.


So you know where to find me babe.

LiShAzNiA said...

Support local Indie scene. Buy original!!

Hehe... I'm sure warga UIA semua amat suka hati bila maendapat tahu you all ada buat sales kat sana :P

ChesC said...

OMG...another Malaysian who knows of Rachael Yamagata.

I absolutely LOVE Rachael...she is a living musical and lyrical goddess!

LiShAzNiA said...

Finally another Rachael Yamagata fan from Malaysia. Yeay!!

I'm getting tired of the same response whenever I mention her name:

Blank look and then the question "So you like Japanese songs?"

Oh boy~

Anonymous said...

Rachael Yamagata is performing live in Singapore on 15 April..visit the Greenhorn Productions facebook page for details ; )

LiShAzNiA said...

Thanks for the info. Knew about it already but yeah... it is unfortunately all the way in S'pore and whats more. The timing really sucks. I need to save money for my Cambodia trip. :~(


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