Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tig Tag Toe (or: 'My Puns Are Stupid')

As a newbie in the Order of the Coffee Guzzlers & Shisha smokers, High Priestess Zetty Amny has prepared my initiation rites. I am supposed to do as follows:

Rules: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am:
Let's see what you make of this ;D

I really want to go:
Yes! I realise that I am over 20!!

My favourite place:
Penang to be axact.

My favourite thing:
I wish my laptop was as cool as this one though :P

My favourite drink(s):
Mamak makes the best Teh O' Ais

My favourite food:

and also:
Ye... saya suka makanan omputih. Nak buat camne?

My favourite colour:

I live in:

But in reality, I live...

and also:

I was born in:

I attend:

My favourite show(s):

as well as:
In this sense... yes, I'm a bimbo.

This is my hobby:

but I also like:

I definitely wish for:


I tag:
1. Fynn
2. Elyna
3. Sue Anna Joe
4. Sarah B.
5. Azreen
6. Azman

Disclaimer: The statements expressed here are entirely based on present/current circumstances and are time-sensitive; changes may occur to the blogger's state of mind and well-being that can affect this opinion. The blogger also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from posting this but will accept them from generous donours out there.

Thank you.


Zetty said...

Uh, the first picture is supposed to say that you're:

1) morbid(ly unique)?
2) morbid?
3) a closet vampire slayer?
4) a front- and back-stabber?
5) an angry white M&M's?

Zetty said...

Oh, wait. I just noticed the bunny ears (and bunny-like appearance) on those... things?

So you're plotting a revenge against Alice in Wonderland? (read: Follow the white rabbit).

LiShAzNiA said...

Am loving your interpretations! Hehe. But I shall go for ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

I am a morbidly unique white M&M who is a closet vampire slayer by day, that has a signature move: the front- and back- stab. And by night a saviour to all white rabbits who were oppressed by little blonde girls with blue dresses and white pinafores.

You dig?

fynn jamal said...

shan is kinky.

(oh we all do)

bunch of horny kids, we are.

LiShAzNiA said...

That we are dear Fynn, that we are.

But at least you ada outlet!! I nak lepas kat mana? Aaaa... nak kawin. Nak kawin!!


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