Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Reluctant Academic Strikes!

A: So Shan... you going to the seminar this weekend?

Me: Yeah, I am. Should be interesting.

Seminar Day

7.30 am

B: [SMS] Do you need me to pick you up?

Me: [SMS] naw.cangomeself

B: [SMS] ? U sure?

Me:[SMS]xya. (Sambung Zzzz...)

9.15 am

A: Eh... you're here. Was wondering where you where.

Me: Yeah... err... I couldn't get a cab.

A: Ye ke? Sayang. You missed Muhammad Haji Salleh.

Me: Aww dang. Oh well... (pause) Jom gi makan.

11.30 am

MC: We shall now commence with session 2. Let's invite our distinguished speaker, Prof. P to give his presentation.


Prof. P:
Clinical experience, public perceptions, and research have indicated that the Indian community has been over-represented in attempted suicide and suicide rates in Malaysia. A computerized search of the literature back to 1966 ...


Prof. P: ... Patterns of migration experiences, religious and cultural beliefs, higher suicide risk in rural areas, the use of toxic biocides...

Me: Zzzzz...


Me: (In a cab... heading home).


Me: Zzzz....

*The Seminar was supposed to end at 5pm


Zetty said...

OMIGOD YOU SNEAK! I was looking all over the place for you, and there you were carrying your prettly little tush home to sleep.

LiShAzNiA said...

Wakakaka... I got a headache from yawning too much during Rajeev Patke's lecture. Didn't wanna embarass myself from falling off the chair so I decided to go home.

Didn't think anybody'll miss me :P


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