Thursday, September 11, 2008

Japan Goodies (pt 1)

Snail Mail!! And big packages at that! I LOVE snail mail! In this day and age of digital technology and electronics snail mail is getting more and more obscure. But me being a firm believer of handwritten letters and stamps still stick to the traditional way of communication. In fact, I still have a snail mail pen pal from Germany who has been communicating with me for the past 12 years. But I'm digressing here... after days of worrying and fretting over the apartment issues it was fantastic to see a huge package delivered to us from our sister in Japan. Aah... the perks of having a sibling overseas. LoL

So here are the few titbits that she gave us. Some figurines of Japanese characters. Most of them were figures of couples in wedding garbs but I especially like this one. It's of a cat eating a watermelon while cooling itself in front of a fan. All the figurines are adorable and they all come with their own backdrop which is pretty cool. I just wished that I could read the kanji descriptions of the figurines to actually figure out what they're all about.

My sis sent loads of stuff but they're mostly the same things to be distributed to the rest of the family. Mum got herself a genuine handmade Japanese teapot made by the mother of one of my sister's friends. And also a handmade cup that she made herself. I must say that my sister has talent in pottery making.

Other stuff included were little knick knacks like keychain and a handpainted Japanese fan and some plush toys for the kiddies. But according to Yuni that's not all that she sent. Apparently there's another box that's coming our way! Yippee!! Yuni is certainly making us love her more and more ;P So once the second boz has arrived I shall commence with Japan goodies part 2 (",)V

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