Wednesday, September 03, 2008


As you all can probably tell from my last post I got screwed over by some girls so now I'm in dire need of new housemates. I found myself another apartment in the same apartment complex so if anybody is looking for a place to live then maybe this is the place for you.

Brand New Condo Putra villa ~Good location~

*Master room & Middle room available

*water heater, k.cabinet, fan

*Near IIUM , TAR College

*near Terminal Putra LRT station (5 min walking distance)

*Bus service to Genting highland

*swimming pool, Gym Room, Mini Market, restaurant

*24 hours security

*Parking available

*rental Master room RM550, Middle room RM 450 (both rooms can comfortably fit 2 people)

*available for October

I've personally seen the place and its great. Its spacious and the environment is great. You can also save up a lot on transport too if you're work place is close by any Putra LRT station. If you're interested then do contact me via email I dont feel right letting the whole world know my mobile number ;)

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