Saturday, August 04, 2007

Colour Mix

What is up with all the colour discrimination? A person can't be friends with another member of the opposite sex who is coincidentally another shade of skin colour altogether without being thought of by their women as "stealing their men" anymore? Gawd... Who wrote these rules?
I've seen people from two opposite ends of the earth living together in perfect harmony. So yeah I feel that the colour of your skin has nothing to do with your will to be happy.

With this really positive outlook in life, my girl friend, another mixed-match person, I went out for drinks with some guys who were working with us on a project. They were foreigners. We had a blast. They were nice people. Language confusion was a great joke between us and it was damn refreshing to actually go out with a couple of guys who engages in mild flirtation but expects nothing more from us whatsoever. All harmless fun.

Unfortunately we had to bump with the female equivalents of their race. With them was another of the guys that we worked with and is it our fault that the guy chose to come over and hang with us instead of staying and hanging out with them. We can't help ourselves from being cool (;P). So yeah... probably because of that move, and also probably because we were with the other guys before that, we were given the evil eye by the girls. Oh, Come on... what's with the dagger stares? None of them were in a relationship with any of the girls and neither of us were interested to be in one with any of guys. Sheesh...

Apparently, we were considered moving onto their turf. My friend, who had experiences dating foreigners, explains that these people (not all, but most of them) just can't accept the colour difference. To them their men is only for them. Seriously... what the hell? Is this a result of mass insecurity that is unique to a every race? Do these women actually feel threatened by the appearance of girls of different race in their social scene? Are they afraid that their men would start prefering women of another colour? Gawd... So juvenile. I mean those girls were HOT. Probably way hotter than we were and yet they feel threatened by just the colour of our skin?!
It's pretty amusing watching them watch our every move. But what the heck. We've always been people who pretty much did what we liked and not care what others say. But I wouldn't be suprised to hear rumours within their community that we're a couple of sluts. It happens. I should probably give them something real to talk about and actually steal one of their men. That'll teach them. But nah... the gratification I'm getting out of that probably wouldn't be as satisfying. Haha...

I'm just wondering if I'll ever see the day that this idiotic notion about race mixing will ever go away. It's simply irritating and juvenile. Probably won't happen in my lifetime though. I just wanna enjoy a cup of coffee with a bunch of really cool guys after a hard day's work. Is that really so much to ask?!

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