Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This issue bout 'MAWI'

Today is the American Independance Day and looks like Mawi gained independance too. From his Fiance. This "Mawi Craze" is never gonna die down is it. Granted that he'll probably be one of the nation's top artists but you would think that after a while his "WORLD" aura would simmer down just a little but NO... he rises like a phoenix from the ashes.

*sigh* Kinda getting sick of all this Hoo-Haa bout this kampung-boy gone big. Seriously, he's not even that cute. Just blessed with a whole lot of charisma I guess. But unlike the time when he first made his appearance, this time there's mixed reactions. Anger, suprise, sympathy, disgust. Kinda makes this whole "putus-tunang" debacle fun to watch. On one side there his ardent followers supporting his every move and claiming that 'It wasn't Mawi's fault! Diana blabbed to the world bout the engagement' while on the other side is these people saying that 'Mawi lupa daratan! (ungrateful)'. Hehe! Dilemma isn't it? I wonder how Mawi gonna get through this. You could check out Astro's channel 15&16 and there's this bunch of people who has no better things to do with their time and money cussing at each other about the Mawi and Diana issue. And all this while Mawi is oblivious to what's going on coz he's too busy making money from these people.

Kinda reminds me bout the whole Sharifah Aini incident. The issue of her hate campaign against Siti and her mock attack incident. Artists will do just about anything to keep their names in the papers. It's just so embarassing at times. However are you gonna show your face in public again? I mean the next time she shows up for a show people will just whisper behind her back about how she tried to bring Siti down. Sharifah Aini can never again be seen at any function where Siti is present.

One thing I noticed with the gossip columns in Malaysian magazines or papers is that fans here are really, really nosy and MEAN. And the artists themselves are crude, extremely superficial and somewhat stupid. Somehow I dont get that impression when I read anything about Hollywood stars. Sure they have stupid incidents too but somehow they show more class. Or maybe the reporters have more class. Hmm...

Back to the Mawi issue... I'm waiting for the moment that it'll all die down again coz my mum is going on and on and on bout him and I'm getting sick (Yes, she's Mawi's die hard fan.) I guess the only time when people will lose interest is after he gets married but before that happens his marriage will probably be the wedding of the century. If that happens and he gets divorced like Erra and Yusry, man... that's another embarassment he has to live down. Artists... when will they learn?

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