Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chivalry dead?

Chivalry is dead. Gone are the days when men were gentlemanly and strong. Gone were the days of heroics and valour. Now we just see selfishness and greed.

What happened to the men? Have they become so weak that to give up a seat for a needy person is unbearable for them? A few minutes of standing would kill them? Where have all the men with respect and politeness gone to? What happened to the men who would open doors for you, and carry your stuff and politely giving way if a woman crosses his path? It's like unless they're paid to do so, then people can just forget about being treated that way.

Remember the ad of the man in the lrt that refuses to stand up and give his seat to needier people who didn't manage to get a seat? Notice that the selfish one was a guy and the needy people were all women? Is it coincidental or a just a potrayal of what our men has evolved into?Nowadays I see women who would stand up to give a senior citizen a seat on the lrt. A teenage girl would stand up and give a pregnant lady a seat and I also see a men pointedly ignoring a lady with a child desperately trying to keep balance on the moving train while at the same time ensuring that her child is safe. What is happening to the men nowadays?

I'm a feminist but I don't go round saying that woman are better than men. I believe in equity and I believe that god has created men and women in the world with unique responsibilities befitting their gender. Nor do I go round saying that women should be treated like a fragile being which would shatter at just the meerest jolt. What I'm trying to say here is that women nowadays understand that they too need to be strong. We can stand in the lrt if need be and we dont need a man to offer his seat to us just because we're a woman but my focus is about respect and selflessness. The act of chivalry goes a long way with people and leaves a far lasting impression than anything else. Up to this very day I still remember the guy who gave up his seat for me just because I decided to give up my seat to a blind man. Although I would never meet him again he has my lifelong respect.

Chivalry is dead. Or at the very least dying. I apologise to those who have this admirable trait in them but I feel that once these men are gone from this world their trait would die with them.

Although, just this one time I want to be proven wrong.

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