Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New York ,USA 80%
Zurich, Switzerland 77%
Toronto, Canada 70%
Berlin , Germany 68%
São Paulo , Brazil 68%
Zagreb , Croatia 68%
Auckland, New Zealand 67%
Warsaw , Poland 67%
Mexico City ,Mexico 65%
Stockholm ,Sweden 63%
Budapest , Hungary 60%
Madrid , Spain 60%
Prague , Czech Republic 60%
Vienna , Austria 60%
Buenos Aires , Argentina 57%
Johannesburg, South Africa 57%
Lisbon, Portugal 57%
London, United Kingdom 57%
Paris , France 57%
Amsterdam , Netherlands 52%
Helsinki ,Finland 48%
Manila , Philippines 48%
Milan , Italy 47%
Sydney ,Australia 47%
Bangkok , Thailand 45%
Hong Kong , 45%
Ljubljana ,Slovenia 45%
Jakarta , Indonesia 43%
Taipei , Taiwan 43%
Moscow , Russia 42%
Singapore 42%
Seoul , South Korea 40%
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia 37%
Bucharest ,Romania 35%
Mumbai , India 32%

For those who ar wondering what the heck that list is, it's the ranking for the most polite countries in the world and YES!! MALAYSIA IS THE THIRD RUDEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!

Yes people... time to deal with it. It's so true! If foreigners and tourist can say that Malaysians are rude to them, what say us the citizens of Malaysia. We're treated like crap!! I have been in numerous situations where my own race treats me like I'm shit based on my dressing. Come on... sure 1st impression counts but if you want business treat people with respect! A friend of mine was advised to leave a Levi's outlet just because he wasn't wearing shoes. He was wearing one of those stylish flip flops but apparently the salesperson wasn't impressed. Well... he must have regretted what he said when the guy bought two pairs of jeans and told the manager about his manners.

Malaysians don't teach manners to their kids anymore. We see parents bringing little kids to important functions and letting them run wild and disturbing whatever is going on. Cinema, weddings, restaurants... you name it there's always kids that are let loose while their parents ignore the fact that they're causing a racket.

Irony is that our government is promoting this "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita" (courtesy is our culture) shit while the rudest of the lot are government officials. The last time I dealt with government officials was when I had to certify my grandma's death certificate. I went there and there was nobody at the counter. So I sat down and calmly waited. Soon a lady officer came and what do you know the person who came after me rushed to the counter and immediately got served. Me being the polit girl that I am waited because in my mind I'm thinking he's an old man who doesn't know about manners. After that it was my turn. All was fine when suddenly this man out of nowhere came right next to me and started asking about his problems and that lady (I'm guessing he was a friend of hers coc they were all smiley) immediately went on to take care of his affair. And I was aaarrrggghhh!! Hello! I'm right here in front of your counter!!

There's been many cases of that in hospitals, in post offices and in any administrative offices. So tell me where the hell is this "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita" that we're so proud of. Government clerks can just stop in between duties and chat while we're there waiting for them to settle whatever it is we need settling. If we even open our mouths to tell them to get a move on they'll probably sabotage us. My mum was scolded at once during a tax review recently. What's the purpose of putting enquiry officers at a enquiry desk if you dont want people to ask you questions. How dumb can that be?

I know that most government servants are Malays and it may seem like I'm dissing my own race but hell no! I'm dissing all Malaysians. Chinese have a habit of spitting everywhere and I have come within an inch of getting hit with a spitball. Indians tend to be impatient and sometimes look down on people they think aren't educated. I've seen the astonished looks people gave me when I speak fluent English after I tried communicating in Malay. What's wrong with conversing in my mother tongue?

A lot of difference can be made with just a smile and a simple Thank You but no... it's simply too much of a hassle to say 2 simple words and stretch you mouth muscles.

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