Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Wow... I can't believe I actually went through the whole of sem 3 without blogging. Just goes to show how totally out of it I was. Memang malas betul!! I had no mood for classes let alone assignments which I did last minute AGAIN, by the way. And I was only in the mood for playing Sims2 for which I give Kudos to its creators for coming up with a totally addictive game. Aaarrrggghhh... what's happening to me? I am totally losing my drive for studying!! If only they had a master's degree in playing sims. I'll graduate at the top of the class ;p

So what has been happening all these while? Nothing! Hence my reluctance to go blog. The only exciting event of the whole semester was Sheena's birthday party cum reunion gathering which was done at San Francisco Steakhouse, KLCC (they had the best mushroom soup ever!!) and a bowl-explosion incident at Anis's apartment. I was lucky that I wasn't injured since I was standing about a foot away from the bowl. Moral of the incident... never ever buy fake Pyrex bowls! They can't stand the stove heat and they'll explode! But we had a good dinner anyways so it didnt turn out too bad. I guess the most exciting thing that happened is me doing my hair. It's been cut short with long bangs and coloured copper. I also had protein treatment done. I love my new hair and all at the price of RM80. Granted that it was done by a trainee (hence so cheap) and it took about 5 hours to get everything done but hey... it was way worth it. I'm also glad to say that Matt LOVED my new hair. I mean really LOVE it. Definitely RM80 well-spent. I would put up pics but I'm still waiting for Azreen to pass along the pics since lil ol' forgetful me forgot to put the camera in my handbag for Sheena's party.

So now I'm at home with nothing to do but cleaning and cooking so might as well I blog. It's not like I can do anything else since my idiot of a sister installed an anti-porn software which does not even know what website it should block and which ones it shouldn't. I can't even go to my torrent websites cause it says its an inappropirate page. I mean what the heck!!?? I need to download my America's next top model!! ( I love watching bitches fighting). To top it all off... the software files are well hidden that you cant find it at all so you cant do anything to it and my idiot of a sister doesn't even know the password to change the software's setting or uninstall it. So it's stuck there in our computer and we can't do anything about it. It's so annoying. I'm no porn surfer and this anti-porn thingy shouldn't bother me but this is getting outta hand. I need to get rid of it!! If only I could get a job.

I envy Adry, she works somewhere every semester while I'm here stuck at home. I wanna make money too. Sheena is holding two jobs at the moment and both jobs pay quite well. Aaarrggh I'm so jealous. Me want money!! Urgh! Who am I to complain I'm the one who's too lazy to actually show up at work. Again another symptom of laziness at hand. I'm hoping that it's a phase but deep down I seriously doubt it which makes me worry. Oh heck... maybe this 3 weeks break will do me good. I'm hoping that it will. I just need money to make sure all this relaxation willbe all the better. Yeah... yeah I know I cant have my cake and eat it too but hell... there's no harm in wishing isn't there.

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