Saturday, June 24, 2006


Just Watched

Yeah I'm currently in my Disney aka feel-good movie moment right now. Sides not many good movies going on at the moment. 'Superman' is still aint out (it's taking ages. Hurry up already!) and 'Pirates of the Carribean' aint comint out til July so what the heck, feel-good movies it is.

Talking bout Disney movies, I just watched Bambi on Astro. To tell you the truth I've never sat through Bambi til the end. Didn't manage to stay put in front of the TV this time too. Luckily I didnt coz I know what's gonna happen next. No I'm not talking bout the part where Bambi's mother dies but I'm talking about the part where I'll blubber like a leaking pot if I watch any thing that shows animals dying. Yeap, I'm weak. Absolutely weak when it comes to animals. I cried so hard when I watched that New Zealand whale flick (can't remember the title) I couldn't even breath. I cried during 'The Lion King', '8 Below', and so many Animal Planet's documentaries that if all my tears were collected it could fill a water tank. I'm serious folks. I'm a pushover for animals. It's kinda funny coz I don't get people crying over movies like Titanic and Armagedoon and all those romances and I'm sure they don't get me crying over a penguin getting lost while looking for food.

I just hate it when I read stuff in the news bout people killing off bears and tigers or any other beautiful animals just so they can eat the balls or the brains or something coz they're supposed to be an aphrodisiac. Oh puh-leeze. Total bullshit that's what it is. I'm sure that God made tiger's balls to function as more than to boost a man's libido. Seriously if it's something that viagra can't fix then just learn to live with it. Just because you can't have sex that doesn't give you the right to stop animals from getting 'some' too. How would you feel if you were hunted down for your balls coz there's a rumour that it'll up a person's sex drive? Not a very good thought now is it?

And please... FUR is NOT COOL!! Again... imagine being skinned coz somebody else wants to wear your skin as a coat. Eww... that's kinda disgusting. It's just like in that movie 'Silence of the Lambs' where the killer kills people to take their skin. Yuck! Seriously people like Naomi Campbell should be shot for wearing fur. Public figures should know better.

I just wish that Malaysians would treat their animals better. I've seen some really nasty stuff going on in some household but I just dont have the power to stop it. I tried once and I got threatened that she'll let the dog on me instead. Hmm... irony isn't it. But I'm glad that SPCA is doing something about it. They're making a petition to up the penalty for animal cruelty in Malaysia and they're hoping to get 100 000 signatures. So PLEASE sign the petition (you can actually do it online) Go to SPCA and sign the form. Be a good citizen and prevent animal cruelty!

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