Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another blog?

I know that I might be shot to death by die-hard blogspot fans or even blogspot administrators themselves for even attempting to create another blog elsewhere but yeah I did. Or tried to. I failed miserably at LJ coz the customize templates features were WAY too hard. I just couldn't be bothered (my lazy bout has not really subsided yet). And since I totally suck at LJ I didn't even try to try out Xanga. Yeap looks like I'm gonna be a loyal blogspot blogger.

I'm sure bloghoppers are aware of Xanga and Live Journal (LJ). They're probly the next big blog space next to blogspot. You know those features they have where at the top of the page where bloggers show to the world what they're watching or listening to or reading at the moment... well, I LOVE THOSE FEATURES!! I want one! They're so cool! I know that I couldn't be bothered to blog like ALL the time like most but I'm always watching a movie and downloading new songs and reading new books. And they're always a good topic for people to comment on. The next best thing would probly be Myspace blogs since they have those features too but I dont like the blog much since people dont usually read them and to tell you the truth there's too many pervs on Myspace anyways. I wouldn't want them too start reading bout my life's confessions. Who knows what they might do with it. But then who am I kidding? The internet is full of pervs!

But back to the issue at hand... yeah, I dont think blogspot is gonna install those features anytime soon. Probly be a rip-off if they did. So might as well I live with it. What's the point of me having another blog account anyways. I already have two here on blogspot and they're both RARELY updated (for shame). Seems kinda stupid if I actually did another account for that movie, music, books thingy. Oh but I do LOVE those features. I just wanna share to the world the stuff I find out from books and what I love about a certain song or movie. What? I can do that here in blogspot you say? I just need to customize the html and all that? Hmm... I could do that. But I'm just plain lazy. Haha! I want people tp do it for me and I'll just fill in the info ;P

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