Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now you see it... Now you don't!

I am totally ripping this off from Nurul Izwa J. but the topic is too interesting to let by. Didn't mean to plagiarise, girl. Consider it as a tribute to your excellent choice for topics ;)

These pictures were taken from reports regarding an 80+ man who murdered his wife simply because she wanted a divorce. The news itself is already a matter of deep concern as it shows that Malaysian nowadays are getting more and more desensitized to the idea of right and wrong and that murder is becoming more and more recurrent in today's society. However, hidden beneath the horror of the report lies another mind-boggling matter. Check out the two pictures below and see if you can spot what I am talking about.

Picture taken from Utusan Malaysia Online

Picture taken from Berita Harian Online

For those who has somehow missed the glaring difference between the two photos, here's a hint - check out the dark blue umbrella in both pictures.

The Barisan Nasional logos from the first picture are missing!

Now why is it that Utusan Malaysia felt the need to crop out the Barisan Nasional logos that were on the umbrella? Is Barisan Nasional so insecure of their political image that there is a need to censor even the teeniest detail on a picture that is totally unrelated to politics? Thing is if Barisan Nasional really wanted to deviate the attention away from the BN logos in the picture, then they should've just left it there. The mere act of taking them away has more people talking/blogging/joking about it. Now that simple cropping act has generated more bad press and speculation than if the logos were left there in the first place.

Seriously BN/ Utusan, cropping was a bad move. You just gave your competitors more ammo to 'kutuk' you with.


zuliana_me said...

HAha... Cropping the BN logos is obviously a bad move. but thanks to Utusan, Berita harian & u, i'm laughing my heart out...

P/s: My mom told me that the man's dead wife had married for 11 times before this. but still...he still has no right to kill her.

chuck said...

OMG hahhahhahah....cropping gone wrong dun dun dun.

fndrocka said...

langsung tak TELUS


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