Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

I actually attended. I battled extreme midday heat, overloaded paperwork and extreme laziness and made it to the talk. I'm so proud of myself. *pats back*

CAC was PACKED. Despite the stupid narrow-minded comment of some lame-ass bigot, who couldn't differentiate an opportunity even if it hit them in the face, the hall was on the verge of bursting its seams.

Yeah, I was kinda gobsmacked by the thickness of his American accent. So what if he was Obama's walking PR campaign. And yeah, he did kinda hedge a bit during the Q&A session. But man... he has substance!! Had to hold myself back several times from shouting out ala-ala Black Gospel style. Tak Islamic la kalau buat macam tu.

Despite the stony stupor of the audience, IIUM certainly did itself proud in showing the Reverand a fantastic reception. Baguslah cam gitu. Lain kali boleh ajak orang famous-famous bagi ceramah lagi :)


Baronhawk said...

Ah yes, the right reverend Jesse Jackson. He does have that Charisma about him. His elocution and diction is a tad American and phlegmatically southern to boot. But hallelujah he can be an earful to most and an inciting experience to some. The rightful voice of his lord and the vengeful tongue of civil rights. The perfect sed nomine for tou da gloriam. I do remember his fiery speeches still.

Lishaznia said...

"sed nomine for tou da gloriam."

Wow. What does that mean? Seriously Hazlan, you are definitely full of suprises.

But you're right about his charisma. Our dear rector was totally invisible next to the beacon that is the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

But sayang lah, I wish the Malaysian crowd was more reactive. I think he was probably weirded out by the total silence that greeted him when he asked for response.


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