Saturday, April 18, 2009

MeKaP-MeKaP Contest

This entry is dedicated to the people of MeKaP-MeKaP.blogspot. May they be awestruck enough to make me the winner of their first ever MeKaP-MeKaP contest. Amin.

Contest regulations states that I must base my makeup on a princess and draw inspiration from her in creating my look. So with that in mind I have chosen a muse that has certainly inspired many young girls. I have chosen Princess Jasmine, of Disney's Aladdin.

Princesses, throughout the ages, have always fascinated girls. I'm certain that 8 out of 10 girls dream about being a princess at one point or another in their lives. In fact, some girls grow up without ever letting go of that dream. Hence it's no wonder that some women expect to be treated like princesses. I too am fascinated by princesses. The princesses that fascinates me however, do not exist in the real world. They were all a figment of someone's imagination brought to life by the geniuses of the animated world.

So out of all the Disney princesses, why Jasmine in particular? Simply because when all the other princesses were sitting around crying and singing their hearts out while waiting to be rescued by their Princes, Jasmine was among the few that took matter into her own hands. She stood up in what she believed in and if matters didn't turn out the way she would've preferred them to she would do something about it. Waiting for rescue was never a part of her plans.

Not to mention that she has a kick-ass pet. A tiger that goes by the name of Rajah. Now doesn't that tell you a little something about Jasmine. So for my interpretation of Jasmine, I drew inspiration from Jasmine's personality as well as her furry feline friend. Both her pet and personality complimented each other superbly and thus I decided to bring both of those factors into my makeup.

Looking back into the origins of Aladdin, the story was said to have originated from the Middle East. However, the original setting of the story is actually in China* which works wonderfully for me as I was also inspired to bring in a little Asian flavour to my makeup. So after a whole lot of research and experimenting I present to you...

*sources from Wikipedia

Jasmine: The Liberated Princess

I decided to play with colours green and gold for the makeup drawing inspiration from Jasmine's outfit in the movie, Aladdin. The smoky eye effect and the heavily lined eyes follows the eye makeup look that most Middle Eastern ladies prefer however I've decided to add a little Asian twist by adding Geisha-like eye makeup on her lower lash line extending the liner towards the bridge of the nose while following the natural curve of the eyes. This also creates a slight feline look which compliments the fact that Princess Jasmine has a tiger for a pet. This look is meant for those with a strong personality, and are brave enough to pull it off.

This look, when put in the modern context, is great for those who wants to make a statement wherever they go. It's actually great for clubbing. For those wearing this look they are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

So there it is... my version of Princess Jasmine. It was loads of fun creating this look so it's not really important if I win or not. But of course, who in their right mind enters a competition and doesn't want to win. So pray for me folks!! Oh and do leave comments. Would love to know what you guys think of the look :)


Baronhawk said...

While he might still be adrenaline drunk and poetic liquor high from yesterdays performance stint, Hazlan can't help but wonder if he has seen the model in the picture, befitted with The Mistress of Mekap, Lishaznia's mekaping ministrations, somehow somewhere before. His mind ardently searching his slightly befuddled memory for a frame of reference on where it was that he has seen such a beauteous facial construction before. Isn't it someone that is somewhat somewhere close far and near? A nagging question which shall continue to plaque his conscience as he mulls over thoughts of flying carpets, Rumi's whirling dervishes and the balmy hot humid heaviness of late last night. As his feverish mind continue to be pursued by memory-thoughts and zen-images of delicate footsteps gaily tracing its sacred dance and mesmerizing pattern in the fading moonlight.

(Okay I am word drunk, hence the complicated nature of these here writings"

Lishaznia said...


You never fail to amaze me through the sheer power of your vocabulary.

So have you managed to tickle that amazing brains of yours to conjure up the name of the svelte beauty that dances enticingly across my blogpage? (Damn, tak sedap langsung my wordings).

Hehe, Anyways, how was your reading yesterday. I was unfortunately detained after an unplanned incident. How I wished I was there to see you guys. Sigh... hopefully next time then.

Fynn Jamal said...


u know when i start cursing means i really love it.

Lishaznia said...

mekasih Fynnie dearie.

You know mekaping Sheena really brought back memories of all of us gals masa kat hostel dulu, all mekaping each other. Best giler. Rindu la those days.

Baronhawk said...

Hazlan broke through the reverie of his self consumed loathing and endlessly parading self doubt, to stop and peruse for a moment the seeds of an idea that he did left here. Hanging like some afterthought on this window into the eternal saunter of the internet. Poised upon the borrowed commenting stage of the one and only Lishaznia's Incoherent Thoughts, The Mistress of Mekap's non-monogamous and tawdry blog. His mind blazing and pulsing with vibrant colours trying to paint an explanation of the exuberance of yesterday's reading session. Though paled perhaps by the absence of at least one or two kindly friend, much like mekap without proper foundation and highlights. What is a Sheena without Shan and Fynn? Speaking of which he did remember the model that his brain did strain to name within his earlier ramblings. T'was the queen of the jungle, if his three guesses were right. Though it would be best for him not to mention her name again. Lest like a spell, he conjures up the genie that matches up to that name. His mind's already filled with troublesome creatures of the netherworld as it is. Goblins, demons and gremlins.

P.S. It seems my former staff is a big fan of you Fynn. Shall forward to her your upcoming 3 Venus thing.

chuck said...

Shan!!! I love it is so unique and I never see this kind of eye make up before! And it even comes with your own interpretation on how/why it should look like that. You're genious! X-D

p/s : I hope you win yay!

Lishaznia said...

Tawdry, Hazlan? Ouch. Truly a severe blow to the heart that is.

Chuck: Thanks so much neighbour! Am just trying out my luck and have fun at the same time. Hehe. Care to experiment to see if this look is for you? :D

Baronhawk said...

Dear Shan,

Sorry, did I tell you I was word drunk as of the time of the writings.

Apologies, I was too consumed within my story telling mode.

'Tis not "tawdry" but a "torrid" blog, that your most magnificent protuberance unto the internet stage is.

Aye 'torrid' is the actual word that I was looking for.

'Torrid', for it's stimulating and excitable content, both to the palate and to the brain.

Sorry again.

I told you I was word drunk, for reasons that are better left unexplained.



P.S. Okay la, to make amends, I owe you one teh tarik or luncheon session next time our eyes doth happen to fall upon each other.

Sarah B. said...

Beautiful shading Shan! Really love the eyes, and Sheena is glowing!

Good work! Hope you win!


Lishaznia said...

Sarah!! Ohmigoodness *HUGS*. How've you been? And Bilal and Tar as well. Good to hear from you again. Hehe... and thanks. Haven't done this for a while now so it was fun getting out all of my old stuff and start experimenting again.

Hazlan: Hehe. Torried/ Tawdry... I truly don't mind. So no worries dear Hazlan :) I can clearly see that you were highly intoxicated with words. Which for me is the best kind of high a person could ever get.

And I will hold you on that Teh Tarik offer. Yes, I am truly such a cheapskate that would not turn down any offer of free food :P

Kekanak Tokyo said...

why can't I make up????

kemana hilangnya talent itu

*scrambling round the room kot tercicir talent make-up-ing kat mana2*

Lishaznia said...

Drink your jus peenes tuh. Mana tau tetiba talent utk mekap tu akan timbul. wakakakakaka

monday173 said...

Love the eyes. I'm digging the foundation and the gloss even more.

You pakai brand ape tu?

Make me up too!!!! hahahaha

Lishaznia said...

Boleh!! I've been meaning to makeup you for ages!! As soon as I'm back from cambodia ye... hehe.

Items used:

1.) Foundation - Sheena's own. Since I dont have a matching skin tone for her. I think she used Bobbi Brown moisturising liquid foundation in Honey.

2.) Bronzing powder - to get that glowing look, I used a light dusting of Elianto's loose powder in gold. Dust lightly on temple and the hollow of the cheek bone and bridge of nose.

3.) Gloss - it's a mix of many products actually. hehe. First is Rimmel's gloss. forgot what colour and then Estee Lauder's gloss in plum. I only dabbed plum at the center of her lips so that it'll look more mongel. hihihi.

Hope that answer your questions. Sorry tetiba jawapan panjang. Excited nih first time menjawab soalan mekap-mekap. LoL

ziha said...

Hi..hey..i've seen this kind of make up look on youtube!! Btw..ur make up looks great! I love make up too..he3 I wanna ask u..r u English literature student in IIUM?

Lishaznia said...

LoL... yeah. I was actually inspired by this makeup tutorial. So I decided to recreate the look. Ada la tokok tambah sesikit. Hehe. But shh... don't tell anyone :P

Yeah I used to be an IIUM BENL student. But that was a looooooooooong time ago. Now dah mengajar bebudak BENL lak. Hehe. U were an IIUM student too?




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