Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 "Deadly" Scenes... maybe not so deadly.

How would you feel watching a sex scene, LIVE, with your teenage sister by your side?


But kudos to the cast and crew of the "Seven Deadly Scenes" play, recently staged in KLPac. Certainly helped set my expectations and mood way up there when audiences were bombarded with full-on tongue action, moans and groans and kamasutra pose number 361 (I think) right in the very first scene. Thank God the Malaysian censory board has not reached the theatre scene just yet.

So was the play good? Oh-kay laa...

Was it worth paying rm25 just to see it? Oh-kay laa...

Would I go see it again? No.

So the "Seven Deadly Scenes" was a good show. Entertaining even. But to tell you the truth, it was kinda old. Most of the scenes were pretty predictable and I ended up picking on stupid mundane details of the play instead of focusing on the storyline. As the show's director/ producer/ script writer, you certainly do not want your audience thinking about the actress not shaving her legs rather than the plot of the show. *Seriously, actors wearing skirts should always shave their legs!*

And I totally didn't get the scene depicting sloth. The actors certainly portrayed sloth but what the scene was about? No clue. Seriously, 3 literature majors couldn't figure out that scene at all. If anybody can explain to me what's the significance of the frantic thundering on the door, the rope pulling and the eerie, erratic laughter and sobs were all about I'd greatly appreciate it.

And what's with the overly emphasized Manglish? Totally annoying if you ask me. But then again, drama and theater is all about over-exxageration. But if you see a Chinese girl wincing at the over-usage of "ya lor" and "maa" at the end of EVERY sentence, then you wonder if those extra syllables are actually worth it.

But don't get me wrong. I don't hate the show. On the contrary I enjoyed certain scenes especially greed and pride. And NO I'm not saying this because I'm biased towards Shamir, who's a close personal friend of mine who happens to be acting acting in both scenes. It was a coincidence. I totally didn't know he was in it. Okay... Fine!! I knew he was in it. And yes, I maybe a little biased. But he's the best actor in that show and you know it.

So would I recommend the show to you? Yeah... but only if you manage to get your hands on a student card and get an rm10 discount on the tickets. I'm evil, I know. I'm the eighth deadly sin :P


-C said...

Sloth spoke to me of apathy and loss. Implied drug use told me that the two actors were simply too stoned to care, and their actions (or lack of actions) were hurting their friends, in the end driving her to suicide.

Mind, this is only my interpretation. =)

LiShAzNiA said...

Really? There was an implied drug use? I totally didn't pick up on that. Now it makes sense! I guess that was the missing element that I needed to tie the whole scene together.

Thanks :)


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