Thursday, August 21, 2008

Red Earth All-in-One Concealer Kit

My latest purchase (or should I say splurge)... Red Earth's All-in-One Concealer Kit RM55.

If you're skin is anything like mine (oily, temperamental, will break out at a moment's notice) then you will definitely appreciate this little kit. Sometimes even concealers need a little help.

At RM55 the kit definitely beats buying the separate bottles of corrective concealers and whatnots which can range from RM25 to RM100 per bottle. Plus... what if your face decide to grace you with different kinds of problems like blemishes, dark circles and redness all in one go? I for one do not believe in lugging too many products around when I'm on the move so this kit rocks! Plus the compact looks cool so its another excuse to whip it out whenever you can.

So far I've only needed to use the pink and the yellow corrector together with the creamy concealer. I'm pretty happy with the results but I'm waiting to give this baby the ultimate test soon... out all day in the hot blistering sun. Okay maybe not in the blistering sun, probably an air-conditioned mall or something but longevity is the key to a product's great results.

Next item I have my eye on is Red Earth's Eye Perfection Primer (RM45). It is a base meant to prolong eyeshadow's staying power and prevents them from creasing. Since Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion (the ultimate eye makeup base) will not be in Malaysian shores anytime soon I've been scouring pretty much most cosmetic brands for a substitute and I came across this item in Sasa's summer sale catalogue. Online reviews from users have been pretty harsh but users are 50-50 concerning this product. Hence I shall try it out when the opportunity comes. I'm still waiting for my Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion to arrive *please let it be soon!* but once I'm done with that, this little baby will definitely be at the top of my to-buy list.

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illy ariffin said...

I bought this concealer tooo!! at Sasa Moving out Sales for RM29 :P


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