Sunday, July 06, 2008

Stresses of having tresses

Don't you just hate scissor-happy hairdressers? You tell them to snip off 1cm and they turn around and snip off an inch. @#$%!! *mumble grumble* You yell at them for not listening to you and they yell right back saying I had damagaed ends *mumble grumble some more* Well if I did have damaged ends TELL ME ABOUT THEM BEFORE CHOPPING OFF MY HAIR!!

Whew!! Well now thats out of the way I can get back to talking about my hair *pats newly shortened tresses*. Yes, as much as I hate the hairdresser I undeniably do have some damaged hair ends. it is the result of a not thought through hair experiment. I said it once but I'll say it again... Asians do NOT look good in with blonde hair! I repeat... Asians do NOT look good with blonde hair!! No matter if you're Malaysian. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian etc. etc... blonde hair is a no-no. Take it from a person who had to endure blonde-ness for an entire week. Even after a year of hair growth and a whole bottle of blue-black hair dye, my hair-y blonde mistake still shows. I'm blaming it all on my dumb blonde moment.

As a punishment for making my hair suffer so much peroxide, I now have a problem of dry ends but with oily scalp. Please don't tell me to chop off all the dry ends because I am already doing that. Although gradually. I want to grow out my hair so chopping it off is not an option. It's already half way down my back so I'm pretty happy *lovingly strokes hair (o_O)V* After months of struggle and wasted money on hair products, I have found my solution!! All it takes is 3 simple products.

After months of searching for the right shampoo for oily scalp that does not dry out hair, I have finally found the motherload!! Clear's anti-dandruff shampoo for oily scalp!! Although I don't have dandruff I figured I had nothing to lose from trying it. I might even prevent dandruff from forming. And it works!! I don't even need to use much. After a vigorous shampooing my hair came out all oil free but soft and silky. And this I used without a conditioner. I am loving it! No tangles. Dry ends are manageable and soft and less hair loss. Woohoo! I am sticking with this shampoo for a long time.

Everytime I step into a hair salon all I would hear from the hairdresser is "Your ends so dry one... you need to use more conditioner. If not I just chop off for you lor." Enough with the chopping people! You hairdressers get a kick from chopping off people's hair is it? Anyways, to look for a good conditioner for a person with oily scalp is not easy. It needs to be moisturising enough for your hair to be soft and manageable but no too moisturising that you'll look like you just poured a whole bottle of hair oil on your head mere hours after you shampooed you hair. So my perfect solution is... Tresseme light moisturising conditioner!! Its exactly what I needed. Just dab on a fair amount at the ends of your hair (stay away from the scalp, people) and voila! Lovely, soft manageable hair. It only sells in bottles of 500ml so it lasts longer. The one that I'm using is light moisturising but there's different kinds of moisturisers designed for various hair types. You can guarantee its quality because Tresseme is the official haircare product provider for Project Runway! How fierce!

This product is actually not a must-have but I feel its important to be added in the list. For times when you wanna go out and wants to make sure your hair is all glorious, then leave-in conditioners are the way to go. I've tried various over the counter brands like Pantene, Sunsilk, Rejoice etc. etc but none of them works. So I went a little upscale and found... The Natural Source. Definitely pricey for a leave-in conditioner but money well spent. All you need to do is spray it on evenly on hair (again, stay away from the scalp people) and hurray! Lovely hair!

So these 3 combinations are my ultimate weapons for my hair care. Don't know if it'll work for you guys but it certainly works for me! No harm in trying eh?


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