Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Langkawi was a blast! Minus the fact that it was tiring at times and that I had to play nanny to 63 international university students, the whole trip was a definite blast!

And I should also mention the guys... *drool* I never knew that UIA had all these drool-worthy men hidden away in its depth. So tall... good looking. And they actually went swimming at the beach... *drooling profusely* There's even a guy from China who could definitely give Jet Li a run for his showbiz money. He gave a demonstration during the closing ceremony and trust me he is even more flexible than a rubber band. (I think my inner gatal-ness is surfacing ;P) And they were all gentlemen too. How could a girl resist them?!! I am so glad that I started working with IIMU *silent grateful prayer to God*.

Ooh... Ooh... I also went parasailing!! Woohoo!! It may be pricey considering I was up in the air for only 10 minutes but it was totally worth it. I was flying!! Total adrenaline rush! I'm definitely going again! Made me quite popular with the guys too since nobody else tried it. Huhu!

Seriously... someday I shall make that list of things to do before I die. There's like a million things I wanna try but I never truly know what they are exactly until they're right in front of my eyes. One thing I know for sure is that bungee jumping is on the list. Woohoo!! Oh and going totally blond. Haha! I just need to see how I look like with yellow hair.

If you guys plan to go to Langkawi someday, I seriously recommend staying at Kg. Tok Senik Resort. The room was fantastic. Total kampung atmosphere and the internationals absolutely loved it. Heck... I loved it. My only gripe was that it wasn't close enough to the beach. But this was remedied by the 1 hour we spent at the beach later *drooling again*.

I also didn't manage to find my fave choccies. *sigh* Was really hoping that I could get some good chocolate shopping while I was there but its cool. Maybe next time. I totally can't wait to start planning for the next programme.

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