Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hotlink Rawks!!

I know this may seem like a stupid thing to blog about but hey... whatever. This is MY blog and I'll talk about whatever hell I want.

I just got an additional RM90 from Hotlink just because I topped up RM30 a few days back. Woohoo! RM120 worth of airtime. What the hell I'm gonna do with all that credit *so much possibilities*. I've always been using my hotlink for text messaging alone. I mean who wouldn't want to text message when it just cost you 1 sen per sms. With RM10 you already get 1000 sms now with RM120... yowza!

Now this is what I call customer appreciation. Two thumbs up for Hotlink!! My fingers are gonna hurt after this with all that text messaging I'm gonna do huhu~

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