Monday, August 21, 2006

OMG I LOVE teaching!!

OMG... I never realised that I love to teach! What a revelation!

I love the exhiliration. I love the look of intense concentration of people looking at you and hanging on to your every word. You feel so IMPORTANT!!

Now I know for sure... I want to teach. There's nothing else that I'd rather do. jeez I sound so idealistic and so OLD.

I was freaking out when Dr. Nora told me I had to take over the class. Teach my friend? Oh no!! I was afraid they'd be real critical and judgemental if i did or say something wrong. But then again that's paranoia talking. It actually helps having friendly faces in the class. Especially close friend coz u know they'll love you no matter what (thanks Sarah!)

So all in all it was fun and I wouldn't mind doing it again. And the pay is not too shabby either. Hehe! Definitely worth my time. Hope that I didn't screw up Dr. Nora's instructions too much though. Then there'll be bitch to pay. Haha!

Onwards to become Cikgu Liana!!

p.s. To all error and contrastive class that I taught today, tak payah la panggil Miss or Maam or anything of the sort. Geli la...

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