Monday, January 23, 2006

UIA Hols...

Looks like I'm stuck in UIA for the holidays again. Well... maybe not as long as last time but I have to endure days in UIA with nobody around and crappy food. *sigh*

Technically it was my fault. I should've settled my work like ages ago. But NOOOO I just had to goof off. *WHAT WERE YOU THINKING SHAN?* So now I endure the deafening silence and the solitude of UIA during midterm break. Luckily though (why am I saying it's lucky?) Dr. F is having another makeup class on Friday. So at least something to do to kill the time. But NOW I have to worry on how the heck I'm gonna go back to Ipoh this Friday. PERAK has the most concentrated chinese settlement in the whole country. Everybody is going back for Chinese New Year. Aiseyman!!

IT SUCKS that my friends are scattered all over Malaysia so hanging out aint much of an option. I hate going through looking for new pals kinda thing so here I am the voluntary hermit and yet hating every minute of it. *Geez, I'm such a loser* I wish I could make friends without going through all that preliminary bullshit of getting to know each other and all that. It's a lotta hassle. Demanding I know...


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