Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's been awhile since I last blogged. I guess I must have gotten one of those writer's (or in this case blogger's) block. The thing is I had LOADS of stuff to say. Like that time when I got hoodwinked into going clubbing at Planet (then again, I was stupid enough to think that Planet was NOT a club. It didn't help that my gal pals insisted that it was live band-Shame on you girls ;P). Then there was that time when I felt like killing Matt and a girl who just didn't seem to understand that I need some time alone with him. I mean DUH... we just endured like 5 months of long-distance romance here so could you like give me some room! Some people can be THICK sometimes. Other than that was my usual on and off uncertainties, low self-esteem, problems yada... yada... yada and oh yeah I'm feeling under the weather at the moment. Terrible fever and *cough*. And there's also that doubt on whether I should carry on with my Masters (please don't panic people, I AM going through with it ;D). There were times when I felt "I gotta write this!" but I didn't. As soon as the keyboard was right in front of me everything went blank. *sigh* All that pent up stuff aint good people!

It's not just for blogs anymore too. It's happening to letter writing and anything to do with creative writing. I cant even speed up doing quality quest. Dr. Nora is already asking when it's gonna be done. Aaarrgghhh!! Seriously... I just can't go through doing it!!

The case of the 'Malas'? Could be? I just think that my head is still behind time. It's already2006 but my mind is back in 2005. I'm still on holiday mode. Thank god I started studying now rather than working first and then start studying again. Imagine if I'm used to having money every month then hafta go back to just being a student. Whoa! No thanks. So this is my path.

Gotta find a way to kickstart my head back to gear now.

p.s. Happy Eidul Adha Everybody!!

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