Friday, December 16, 2011

This poem is dedicated to those who made my life miserable during my boarding school years in Penang. Funny now that you're the one looking me up and trying to "reconnect". Funny how life turn out eh?

A Loser is...
 (James Vera)

A loser is one who throws wrenches in the gears
One who pulls out the nails holding up everything he's known for years
But when he finds something special he holds it dear
And when he loses that everything he's not afraid to show tears

A loser is one who presses on through the dark
One who's life has given him many marks
With fists bleeding but he still swings
Fighting for what he believes means everything

A loser is one who falls and falls again
But at the end stands tall with many friends
The sky brightening with vanishing clouds, the loser wins
Crowds now thankful for everything that he gives.

Peace out!


Puan ApasH said...

hhhmmm..aku termasuk dalam list ke?? T___T

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