Monday, August 24, 2009

The Reluctant Academic is BACK! YO!

Raise the curtains, cue the drums, bring on the applause. The reluctant academic is back to corrupt more young minds with her amazing 'bullcrapping' abilities and almost superhuman-like ability to withstand all 'are-you-effin-serious?' situations.

And thus after several months of convincingly bluffing her way through assonances, alliterations and all poetic what-nots, the reluctant academic was once again given the responsibility of guiding nubile young minds. Only this time, they're not so young. This time, she got the cynical seniors. Jeng jeng jeng!

The difference between fresh newbies and the cynical seniors is the plain fact that they're cynical. They're all been there, done that, and "Hey! I've heard that bulls**t before!" So the usual 'bullcrapping' routine wont fly with them at all. The reluctant academic should know. She was shot down on the very first day.

So what happened exactly? Oh lets say that she didnt do her research too well and got her facts wrong and got called out for it not by just one student but two. Alamak! But did she admit it? Noooo... she tried to bulls**t her way through it. and of course she failed miserably. Oh the embarassment. How she wanted to crawl to the corner of the classroom and die a horrible, miserable death. To add more salt to the wound, the very next class, she was again attacked by the same students. They now know her weakness. They know her kryptonite! But don't forget the reluctant academic had super powers. She decided to fight back. So the reluctant academic decided to use her powers of... BRIBERY!! Muahaha, one day of no lecture was all it took. Oh and a couple of sessions of video lectures. But that's probably more to the reluctant lecturer's benefit than to the students themselves. Videos = no talking = lecturer gets to rest. Hahaha smart ain't she?

But how can the semester go by without another exclamation of "are-you-effin-serious?" Now the reluctant lecturer faces the agony of... cute young men. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! But to be precise she is only drooling after one young man. So what to do? what to do? Distraction, distraction, distraction. So let's see how the reluctant lecturer handles this one?

Stay tuned for more antics from the Reluctant Lecturer!


Zafirah said...

*high fives*

I blurted out, "Why do you like to ask me difficult questions in class?" the other day.

Selalu sangat kene sampai dah lali..hehe

Lishaznia said...

Haha. I know right? If only these people realise that we're humans too. There's still things out there that I don't know. God Fie, I am studying harder now than I ever have in my life. Even more than when I was a student.


Zafirah said...

I know what you mean! It's EXHAUSTING!!!


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