Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's with all the questions? Just hire me will ya!

The interview with the rector is in a few hours. And I'm still not bothered by it? What is wrong with me?!!

Is it too late for me to get a boob job?


chuck said...


It means you are confident enough for the interview laaa.

So how was it?

Zeti Zainal said...

Kak Shan (or should i start calling you Shan..);)

we don't need boob job..kita semua ade natural asset..muahahaha..

how was it..?

nie interview dgn UIA ker? (kenapa aku rasa soalan ini sgt bimbo?)

Sarah B. said...

Um, Shan... YOU want a boob job? Are you kidding me?

Hope the interview went well!

Oh, and thank you for my first mother's day wish! :D

Lishaznia said...

Chuck: Confident? Ye la sangat. As soon as it was 9am, my mind went blank and I even forgot my own name. The receptionist had to call my name twice before I menyahut. LoL

Zeti: Panggil Shan je la. You know I pwn people who uses Kak on me. LoL. And yes, it was an interview with UIA. Rasa cam world's oldest IIUM senior lak coz dari matriz sampai masters tak kuar2 lagi dari UIA :P

Sarah B.: Hehe... no worries gurl if I ever go on a boob job it'll definitely to make these suckers smaller. Am sick of pointing out to guys where my actual eyes are.

And thanks for asking guys. Alhamdulillah I feel that the interview went well. I'm not sure whether I got the permanent post yet though. So I'm not gonna think about it sampai lah confirm. Takut jinx :P


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