Thursday, April 12, 2007

Me... A blogger?

For somebody who claims herself as a blogger, I must be an embarassment to the whole blogging society. I mean my average blogs nowadays are like oner per month? And that's only if I'm suddenly hit with an inspiration thunderbolt. If not all you'd see on my blog are cobwebs. (can you hear crickets? I can...)

So what happened? Did I fall off a building? (Obviously not since I'm still typing this, or else it'll be spooky. Hehe) Or did I just simply forget how to blog?
Answer... none of the above. I haven't been blogging simply because my life is BORING! All I do is go to class, go to my room, go to work (Oh, this may be an interesting aspect in my life... I am now working with Sheena at IIMU. Still waiting for my first paycheck. BILA NAK MASUK?!) , and of course study, study, study. Aint nothing much to say about that sorry routine.

So now I'm at home for my long deserved break. And of course my routine here is get up late, cook, and waste time. So there you go... my never-ending thrills for the day *Yawn*. I just don't feel like readers out there deserved to be bored to death by my simple ephitet of what I dd for the day. Although internet voyeurism is IN nowadays but I still feel like I need some stuff to give voyeurs something to drool about. Rite?

So why am I blogging now? Hehe, just because...

Actually I miss blogging. There's been some good news going on in my life and I feel like sharing it. Some of my friends got engaged or married. Congrats Adry... Kuhen. You two will make lovely wives to your loved one. I couldn't attend Kuhen's wedding but I heard it was beautiful. Kuhen... you're so lucky. *sob* Ada lagi ke orang cam Abe We kat dunia ni? *praying really hard*

As for Adry... she just got engaged. Who knew she would be among the first among us to get on the marital bandwagon. Oh well... why stop a good thing right? I was actually one of her 'dulang girls'. Wasn't something that I was expecting to do but what the heck... she's a friend. And thanks to our hot Gucci Mama, Tiah, her hantaran was gorgeous and the 'petunang' (is there such a word?) was really pretty.

I did this! I did this!

And all the pretty 'dulang girls' in a row

Tiah was practically a one woman wonder. She did all of Andry's hantaran and even Adry's makeup. I helped with the roses in her hair. That's why I photoshopped the picture *So proud! Heck... My first time photoshopping, ok*. All I can say now is I'm proud of lil' Adry. She came a long way and have been through a lot to get this far. And kudos to her coz she never stopped trying. She never gave up. *SOB* Man... I hate getting sentimental.

I also heard that my old roommate, Has, is getting maried soon and also Anis Suhaidalisa, another one of my roommates is geting engaged. I guess it's time. You can't run away from all this marriage stuff no matter how much you try. *sigh* And because of that I hafta prepare myself for the INEVITABLE question, *bracing self* "Awak bila pulak?" Aarrgghh...

So life starts anew for some of my friends. For Adry, Kuhan, Has, Midge... oh yeah, Midge got herself a new job and a place of her own. She's all grown up now. I'm glad... I feel like a mother bird watching her baby take off on her first flight. *SOB* OMG here I go again. Heck, I should feel this way... she practically lived with me for a whole month before she got the job. How time flies...

I'm still in my student mode. Feels like I'm way behind sometimes but I feel it's worth doing what I'm doing now. I'm sure it will be. *determined*

Thesis time is upon me! I hafta persevere! Gambate!

p.s. I love this picture. Who knows when we might get together like this again. (Although I'm hoping this May *wishing hard*). Sheena and Fynn competed in a Poetry Slam. Something like a one-day Akademi Fantasia for poets. Though they didn't win but they did us proud! We missed their performance (drat!) even though we tried to make it there on time after Adry's engagement but we all had fun afterwards hanging out. We're such a fun eclectic group (Me, Nina, Midge and Anne in our baju kurung while Cass, Sheena and Angel in their sexy get up. Woohoo! Very eclectic I must say) that a 'Mat Salleh' actually came and took our picture. Haha! Takpe... The time for us to hang out shall cometh again, my friends!

p.s. again. I was 25 last April 1st!! OMG I'm officially a quater of century old. Wahlau! Neways thanks so much to all my pals especially Anne, Midge and Julie for the GORGEOUS "Coach" bag, Sheena for my cute and lovely clutch and K-Rul for making that day a special one for me. I love u guys so much. Muahs!

*I got a Sony Ericsson MP3 phone. Yeay!*

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